In The Public Eye

By Thomas-Mychael

It was a sunny weekend and I decided to spend my time being processed for public indecency and public urination in the village. My theory is when you have to go you have to go. The cop would have let me off with just a ticket but, I had a smart mouth. So this is the line I walked for my actions.

We arrived to my secluded holding cell and I was ushered in by his rugged grip. I thought I was going to be there the rest of the weekend. However, I later realized I was actually there for something else. He allowed me to get comfortable for a quick second until he told me, that maybe he should clean my mouth with some good ol’ cop nut. Of course me being the sexually adventurous one with the smart mouth, I obliged.

I unzipped his pants and proceeded to unpack his loaded pistol with my tongue. Starting at the head I could taste the pre-fire of pre-cum, it was sweet and too much to bare. I felt a force from the back of my head, forcing his pistol to the back of my throat. As his throbbing manhood inspected my throat and my tongue and saliva went to work, he shouted “You are a bad boy!” In my head I thought how cliché nonetheless, it did turn me on to get the job done.

As he neared climax he pulled out, each shot of warm man juice felt like piercing bullets of pleasure to my mouth. I looked down at my own pants that were wet and saturated. He zipped up and stated “This never happened!” My response was “What about my ticket did that happen as well?” As I walked out a free man, my time down and my record cleared of all wrong doing. I thought to myself, “Now would I think twice about my offense”. Two weeks later I found myself in the same mess, public indecency and public urination. The same cop, this time he bought a friend. But, that’s a story for a later date


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