Study Shows Sex Ed helps Teens

By Stephfon Guidry

While politics, finance, and gas prices rise in popularity it is still important to take a step back a look at personal wellness and health. A study done on teens, showed that teens who received sex education in school are more likely to wait on sex and more likely to use contraception when engaging in the act. The study did not differentiate between abstinence-only and sex education programs but researchers have concluded that sex education does not promote sexual activity or risky behaviors.

The study included data from the 2006-2008 National Survey of Family Growth, which included results from teens knowledge of “how to say no to sex”, “how to use birth control” and their first experience with vaginal sex. The sex education programs included information on ways to delay sex and the proper use of birth control. While the abstinence-only programs did also include some instruction on the use of birth control.

The results show that about 66% of females and 55% of males received some sort of instruction on abstinence and birth control. 20 percent of the students received instruction on how to delay sex, 16 percent of young females and 24 percent of young males, got NO instruction on sex education at all.

The smallest cohort reported information showing they were the most likely to engage in sexual risky behaviors. Of the teens 77% of young girls and 78% of young men reported that they had sex before they turned 20. And for young adults with no sexual education both numbers jumped by a 10 percent increase.

“It appears that talking with adolescents about sex — before they first have sex — seems to be what is important, regardless of the specific subject matter,” said a researcher of the study. ( Communication and health awareness for young people is key, if parents and families are to change these risky behaviors and enhance the quality of the lives of young people.


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