NBC wishes upon a Fashion Star

By Stephfon Guidry

Move over Lifetime’s Project Runway, it’s time to go from the runway to the stores in one show! It is spring and you don’t want to be caught sewing up old trends or missing the cutting edge fashions of NBC’s Fashion Star! Fashion Star brings the competition from the work room to cat walk to the consumers in one fail swoop. NBC’s fashion marathon features the unique stylistic eyes of Supermodel Elle Macpherson, Macy’s mogul and songstress Jessica Simpson, fashionista Nicole Richie, and chic designer John Varvatos.

This competition involves 14 unknown designers—everyone from a stay at home mom to a design student or designers looking to bring their brands to the open market—each battling in bidding competitions with big buyers that change these fashionistas into household names. Each week the designers are to create a new must-have item to add to enhance their brand and ultimately win a multi-million dollar prize to launch their collections at H&M (Nicole Christie), Macy’s (Caprice Willard, Buyer) and Sak’s 5th Avenue (Terron E. Schaefer). The test comes in the designers’ ability to please not only their mentors but to have the buyers bid on their clothing. Designers that receive no bids will be up for elimination however their mentors to have the ability to save only one. When the music stops, the models finish their last pose and the designer put away their needle and thread only one designer will walk away with $6,000,000 in orders for the capsule collection, becoming America’s Next Fashion Star!


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