Get connected with ACONNECTIONTV!

By Stephfon Guidry

What do you get when you combine a unisexual show, multiple characters, and great conversation equals ACONNECTIONTV! The creative child of Wesley Henderson brings us ACONNECTIONTV “the Network” an amazingly diverse YouTube show. Wesley Henderson brings you alter egos like Mona Samone, a vivacious drag with a wickedly funny rapport, and Twon, a butch queen that will leave you laughing in stitches.

ACONNECTIONTV also features a commentary for the stand point of both the atypical gay view and heterosexual view with “BFAM”. What is BFAM you ask? So did I and as stands for Brother from another Mother i.e. BFAM! Wesley and MIKE bring their viewers great honesty and entertainment in hetero- and homo- truth-filled opinions in their show. BFAM changes it all up with great music in the intro and hot looking hosts in fitted caps talking about everything. BFAM even has its own apparel line so if you really are felling the show you can rep it with a BFAM T-shirt.

ACONNECTIONTV also features MSGO and CONNECT TOONZ two shows that leave you wanting more. CONNECT TOONZ is out of the box and out of the closet, the disclaimer in the beginning “HATERS NOT WANTED” says ignorance isn’t wanted–#HelloSomebody. The cartoon voice overs are done by Wesley Henderson with clarity and humor. Wesley leaves this quote about ACONNNECTIONTV on Facebook, “I live simply to entertain the masses. When you watch my videos I want you to laugh or adopt a similar connection despite our differences.” Overall ACONNECTIONTV is a smashing YouTube show with over 500 videos, over 18,000 subscribers, and over 22 million views of all of their videos. Clearly if you haven’t seen ACONNECTIONTV you need to tune in and get ya life!


Your Thoughts?

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