New Promising HIV-Prevention Treatment

By Stephfon Guidry

Initial trials of a new HIV injectable treatment, once a month dosage, and the participants maintained a level of the drug within their system that in theory would prevent infection of the virus with little to no side effects.  A new HIV-Prevention drug in testing at London’s Chelsea and Westheimer Hospitals, the study involved 27 women and 6 men; the research was presented at the 19th Annual Conference on Opportunistic Infections.

St. Stephens AIDS Trust (SSAT) conducted the study over a thirty day period, with a single injection of a long-lasting riplivirine—a drug that was released last year by Edurant. The participants were between the ages of 18-50, women were given 300 mg, 600mg, or 1200mg; while the men received a dosage of 600mg and later throughout a 12-week period samples of the women’s vaginal tissue and men’s blood, rectal tissue were monitored to observe the levels of the drug within their system. The results of the study proved quite promising with few side effects (such as tenderness/swelling on the injection site) or no side effects at all. reported, “Over the time period, levels of drug seen were about 80% higher in vaginal fluid than in blood in women taking the 300mg dose and about 20% higher in the other two doses: conversely, drug levels in vaginal tissue were about 25% lower than in blood, and 50% lower up to day 14 in the 300mg dose group.” This study presents a shimmer of hope to HIV and AIDS prevention, with more trials and data it could prove viable. ”There is an obvious need in HIV prevention and treatment for formulations that reduce the need for the user to depend on daily administration,” Akil Jackson, a researcher said. ( Maintaining one’s health and preventative medicine is the new look of healthcare which in the future will provide a better quality of living, hopefully this treatment snowballs into a win for the quest for a cure of HIV/AIDS.


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