Tony Enos is Muy Caliente!

By Stephfon Guidry

If you haven’t heard “Work It Out” or “Good Love” by Tony Enos you must have been closing your ears to good music. Tony Enos is one of the hottest choreographer-dancer-singer-songwriter entertainment sensations to come from Philly. Inspired by greats like Janet Jackson and considering himself the “male Diana Ross” Tony Enos will mesmerize you with his signature sound and moves. His seductive voice and banging moves he hypnotizes his fans. He is more than a hot performer; Tony Enos also cares about making change in the gay community. Tony Enos is an official spokesman of the Education Justice Coalition in Philadelphia, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on the educational and academic achievements of LGBTQ Youth.  Using his past experiences of bullying and hardships through school Tony Enos is truly showing the younger generations that “it gets better”. From tours to community outreach Tony Enos proves that you can have it all your dream and give back. Get ready for his new hit single of his upcoming album “DID IT RITE”, I trust you’ll hear it bumping through the club speakers soon! Check out some photos/videos & our Exclusive Interview with sensation Tony Enos below. Enjoy!

HC: What about your unique talent and image will revolutionize the mainstream music industry to accept an openly gay artist?

Enos: “I think perhaps my approach. At the forefront of all I do is my heart and my love. I’m not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. Whether I’m singing about my relationship with God, or sexual experiences, I give it to you straight up. I think people respect that honesty and open up to you quicker than when they can sense a fake or phony.”

HC: Have any other gay artist or international artist caught your attention?

Enos: “Yes, quite a few. I think Nhojj is amazing, Bone Intell is fabulous, and there’s an artist right here in Philly by the name of Oliver Chris. He’s awesome and I say he’s the one to watch. And of course Ricky Martin. It’s nice to know that all those years of making out with his poster weren’t in vein. LOL!”

HC: Has being involved with the Educational Just Coalition, inspired you to want to work with other organizations or maybe even create your own foundation?

Enos: “Absolutely!!! EJC has changed my life and the work I do with them is some of the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. This past winter I produced an anti-bullying event called “GAYSTOCK” which was LGBT artists & activists against bullying and suicide (kind of like Woodstock) and there’s now such a demand for it that I’m working on turning GAYSTOCK into a non-profit organization.”

HC: While working on your 2nd album has your sound changed at all? Or the story you are telling with your music?

Enos: “hmm . . . The overall sound is definitely a more current sound. I basically got dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century by my amazing producer Phil “Insane P” Cason and my VP, Robert Francis lol. The message is still the same and I still give you all or nothing but it definitely features a different side of me than people haven’t heard in the past.”

HC: If you could do collaborate with any hot mainstream artist now who would it be and why?

Enos: “RICKY MARTIN!!!! lol, we were actually trying to get him to do a song with me on this album called “Just The Three Of Us” but given the time constraints were weren’t able to make it happen. I adore Ricky, his talent and music, and what he stands for. I’d love to see him do this kind of song as an openly gay artist. It would really shatter the glass ceiling in terms of what the industry expects of an openly gay “mainstream” entertainer/artist. Better luck on the next album I guess :)”


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