Unveiled: You’re Gay!

By Thomas-Mychael

As I ventured down to a hotspot on 14thst, a nice little hole in the wall called No Where. Upon entrance I was ambushed by a swarm of strippers baring all sex appeal in G-strings. Yes it was indeed a perfect sight. Nothing but man scent, nice bulging muscles and man cakes showing. However, I couldn’t help but wonder about the illusion that is being put up and masqueraded around in front of me.

The term “Gay For Pay” is a term coined when a straight guy does porn or any homosexual related act for money. This act of rubbing up on men for some dollars definitely falls in this category. Now I’m not knocking the hustle because I too have ambitions of being a stripper, it’s something worth trying. If you know you have it… flaunt it.

However, what I am doing is calling it like it is. You’re all gay on some level. You can’t pay straight men money to rub up on any dude. Even if he is not homophobic he isn’t doing it! He can be secure in his sexuality and have a girlfriend but to make a living out of being “Gay For Pay” is impossible. Unless he is bi-curious, with some homosexual fantasies either way he thinks about men. In other words “Gay For Pay” is just another way to cover up what they really want to do. Well not anymore! You have just been unveiled!



  1. musikalkiss07 says:

    YES GO OFF!!!!. I so agree with you. If you say you’re “Gay for Pay” then it is just a cover up.

  2. Gay for pay is just an excuse. I’ve never understood it. I guess it’s the society we live in

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