Justice for Tamon Robinson

By Stephfon Guidry

In the wake, of the Trayvon Martin case and its strong following of social media comes another tragedy that the press is failing to bring to the light. In the early morning of April 12 at around 5:30 a.m. a call reported a suspicious character stealing paved stones from around the landscaping in the neighborhood. Police officers saw Tamon Robinson heading toward his apartment and pursued as he ran to his door he was hit by a police car before he reached the front door.

Tamon was taken to Brookdale University Hospital, with shoulder and head injuries. The following Wednesday he was pronounced dead in a coma.  His mother, Laverne Dobbinson, was awaked to police officers at her door questioning whether she saw anything. She was not told about the incident with her son until later in the evening on that day.

This tragic case of hit and run justice did not end there, his mother reported that he had a small business selling scrap stones and bricks to scrap dealers and he had the permission of the building owner to take the stones. His mother also reported that he was scheduled for work at the Connecticut Muffin in Fort Greene for 6 a.m. the reason why he was out of the house that early in the morning.  Tamon Robinson’s family hired, Sanford A. Rubenstein, as their lawyer and the Internal Affairs Bureau have begun an investigation as to how this tragic mishap occurred. Rubenstein told the NY Times, “The question becomes how that accident occurred?” Ms. Dobbinson reported that her son had no prior record and was innocent.

Share your Support for the Tamon Robinson Case on Facebook. The Tamon Robinson case is still in the early stages, hopefully witnesses do step forward on what they saw on the night of this accident. Visit Change.Org to sign the Petition for Justice for Tamon and his Family.



  1. Im going to miss my bro so much. regardless to whether justice is served or not, his life has been taken fom him and us. Nothing will make up for that. smh RIP T

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