Lemonade with a Twist

By Thomas-Mychael

So it’s now come to the time again when the weathers nice, the heat and humidity is elevated and summer is near focus.  Although weeks away, you still need a drink to go with the moment that you are living in now. Beach wear and board shorts are a still a ways off, however it seems that lemonade goes perfect with this feeling and excitement. Here is an Official HC toast to embrace what is to come. There are numerous ways to perform a toast however; performing it with HC trusted brand of premium vodka is the correct way. So here is to where we started and where we are headed!

Ciroc Diddy


  • Ciroc Snap Frost
  • Lemonade

Simply pour the Ciroc, the one with the blue icon, in some nice homemade lemonade. Over the rocks and saturated in lemon peelings. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think this one up, it just take some simple and quick thinking. Enjoy and Drink Responsibly!!!


Your Thoughts?

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