Lustful At The Start.. Love By The End!

By Thomas-Mychael

As I browsed through my areas of finding my next hookup, I came across a profile with this headline, “looking for love, settling for lust”.  Even on hook-up sites loves sweet aroma is in the air, but lust still lingers. I pose this question, Can love exist where there is lust?

We are all familiar that these two strong emotions can be very confusing. However, they shouldn’t co-exist in a progressing relationship. The reason for this is because one is a starting point and the other a finisher.

It goes without saying that when you first meet someone, love is not a word on your lips ready to come out. You barely know the person to love them. All you know about this person is what attracts you to them. Whether it is height, looks, facial hair or even the way they speak, it certainly doesn’t amount to love. It’s nothing short of lust. Lust is based off of sex and desire. Love is much deeper than that.

Its cliché to say love is unconditional, but it’s so true. Love accepts you for who you are and not what you should be. It picks you up when you’re down and it helps you right your wrongs. It acknowledges your presence and feelings. It knows who you are in a complete nut shell. Lust… doesn’t inconvenience itself for you. It might say and treat you in a loving manner, but when it comes down to showing how much it does love that is when it falls short and leaves you hanging. Oh, and you are not the only one it lust after!

It’s safe to say that you can grow to love someone from lust. The keywords being GROW. After reading the headline and analyzing my thoughts I wouldn’t want to settle for lust. Maybe enjoy it because I acknowledge it for what it is. Sexual desire is a part of being human but not the only part. To remain stuck at square one not wanting more is a waste of time.


Your Thoughts?

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