The REAL Modern Family – (FLO)

By Stephfon Guidry

There are around 107,000 boys and girls wishing and hoping to get adopted in the U.S. while a tedious system keeps potential parents from building a family.  Having a parent in America is key to the socio-emotional growth of a child and essential for sustainable success. David Wing-Korvak and his partner, Conrad, were ready to adopt.

They endured many hardships through different state legislative issues such as, the fact that in some states only one of the couple could legally adopt a child but not both because they are a same-sex couple. In other states the laws either prohibit same-sex couple adoption or it is unclear as to the legality of the situation. Wing-Korvak saw this murky legal situation as a calling to help other families looking to give a great home to children. David Wing-Korvak told CNN, “It makes your head spin with the questions that are asked of you, with the forms that you have to fill out,” he said. “And then you have on top of that the fact that your family might not be that mom-and-dad home. You’re that gay or lesbian family … and the questions begin to change.”

The couple started their own agency called Families Like Ours to help other gay, lesbian, straight, all families that were ready to navigate the tedious process of adoption. Currently their non-profit organization has a 75% rate of foster care or adoption for families that go through their training. The organization trains over 250 families a year since 2002. The Wing-Korvak’s have had their two sons Chris and Shawn since 2002 and feel that their families are no different than a regular mom and dad household. “It’s not my job to go in and guarantee what the life of that child’s going to be. It’s simply my job to make sure that child has some sort of hope. … We’re going to make this match, and we’re going to move forward. And that kid’s going to have as productive a life as we can help that kid have.”


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