True Blood Love and Babies

By Stephfon Guidry

Fans can’t wait to sink their teeth into the juicy new season of True Blood, however the real life couple of Anna Paquin (Sooki Stackhouse) and Stephen Moyer (Vampire Bill) has sprouted new life.  Englishman Moyer and X-Men star Paquin married in Malibu back in 2010. While this is Anna’s first bundle of joy it is Moyer’s third as he has a son and daughter from a previous marriage.

Anna Paquin (Oscar Winner) and the shows main character is expecting and fans are in a tizzy about whether or not the baby will post-pone the show or change it. The worries are quite small since filming for Season 5 of True Blood began last-November. Sooki Stackhouse will probably still be the sultry blonde bombshell of the show without any baby bump-tease. While there are no talks of a confirmed 6th season, series creator Alan Ball is stepping down after this season, but get ready for more fairies, werewolves and a show with a lot of sexy bite on HBO June 10. Have you sipped your True Blood lately?


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