Defiantly Delicious

By Thomas-Mychael

Bulldog London dry Gin is a multi-award winning premium gin, described as defiant and delicious. Hailed to be vegan friendly as well as kosher. I can see where its characteristics of defiant come from already. I can’t believe it’s kosher!

Launched in 2007, it’s the brain child of a new attitude co-existing in a new era. This approach was hatched by a former investment banker, Anshuman Vohra, who wanted to revolutionize the already traditional conservative super-premium gin world.  With inspiration for the love of a more balanced gin and all things British, a passion for gin was born. The bottle itself signifies the “bold philosophy” behind its contents, “a revolutionary approach to a spirit category that is experiencing resurgence.”

Proclaiming not to be your grandfather’s gin, its versatile taste makes it perfect to mix with cocktails or to drink on its own. Having a backing from various locations, this gin seeks to become the pre-eminent gin of the world!

Here is a signature cocktail from their site to add to your repertoire.

Lady in Red

  • Bulldog Gin
  • Ginger Liqueur
  • Strawberry
  • Simple Syrup
  • Champagne


1.) Muddle strawberry with the simple syrup.

2.) Add Bulldog Gin and ginger liqueur.

3.) Shake well and strain into a martini glass.

4.) Top off with a final touch of champagne and strawberry to garnish.


Your Thoughts?

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