Love the One Your With!

By Thomas-Mychael 

In this season it’s easy to be blind-sided by temptation! It’s the summer and people are out frolicking in tank tops, muscles shirts or no shirts at all. Basketball courts are full with sweaty guys letting off steam and the beach is a romp for girls to sun bathe half naked. Oh La La, Sounds like a wonderland for those of us that are not in a relationship. But for those that are it’s a playground full of land mines.

Although this season is dubbed as a non-cuff season due to the scorching heat and the endless amount of things to do. Let alone having someone constantly on top of you in the heat is irritating.  Being in a relationship around this time should not be frowned upon; we should all blaze our own paths and not just follow societal norms. Yes, some relationships have a season while others last for years.

Committing to the fullest, and in every sense of the word, is key for a prosperous relationship. Commitment is allowing your actions and words to have a tremendous amount of weight, whether it is good or bad. The 60/40 rule comes to mind, this is when BOTH partners give 60% but expect 40%. 50/50 just don’t cut it no more! The essence of this rule is that both people are taken care of, because both partners invest more than what is expected. Each partner puts the other person happiness before their own, isn’t that what love is?

If you’re going to be in a relationship be loyal about it, if you’re going to say that you love someone let it have genuine sentiment behind it. If not then it is just another loaded word.

Take Care!


Your Thoughts?

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