Babes with Beef: Wendy Williams Vs. Lil Kim

By Stephfon Guidry

Lil-Kim-Wendy-WilliamsBad Girls Club Celebrity edition, clearly Wendy Williams (@WendyWilliams) has come a long way from her days a disc jockey on radio gossiping and gabbing to the microphone yet now she has stirred up a battle with Hip Hop Queen B, Lil Kim (@LilKim). It is clear that Lil Kim has physically changed over the years. However Wendy Williams used Lil Kim’s recent paparazzi snapshots as one of her HOT TOPICS speaking on the drastic plastic surgery changes. Lil Kim took the topic like a prize fighter and tweeted her combination of disses, brings to mind the phrase ‘reading for filth’! Wendy Williams may have a talk show but at this most recent date it seems Lil’ Kim put a period on this Hot Topic. With diva’s dishing our dirt like this who needs a new season of Bad Girls Club? Just Kidding!



Your Thoughts?

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