Pucker Up! Kelly Rowland likes her Kisses Down Low

By Stephfon Guidry

artworks-000038621220-h1rtws-cropKelly Rowland goes from turning heads on the 85th Oscars red carpet to serving sensuous songstress with her “Kiss Down Low” Video. The song pulls #NOstuntsNshows by getting down to business and telling the public exactly what Ms Kelly Rowland enjoys. Her all pink background with diamond/pyramid geometric shapes is feminine and flirtatious as well as her styling. Kelly Rowland (@KELLYROWLAND) switches from vintage pin-up girl with legs fo’ days, to her classic red bob, from the Destiny’s Child Writings on the Wall album to, a fun Black and Pink flowing mane, wavy tresses and a Marilyn Munro inspired look. Ms. Rowland is like a life size chocolate Barbie with BAWDY—as singer @MiguelUnlimited would say. The music video is filled with pop colors and full body shots to give the eyes more than they can handle. Kelly Rowland captures the essence of being coy and cute with this music video. With a video like Kisses Down Low does Kelly Rowland have her niche of being a bombshell with banging music? Comment, LIKE and share while you #KeepItCurrent with @HomoCouture


Your Thoughts?

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