Step It Up!

By Thomas-Mychael

tumblr_mehf6nHx861rmaicyo1_1280In the world of love, sex and relationships, who is winning? The grown and sexy seem to be the most eligible contender. Thoughts of sex appeal, stability, and ambition comes to mind. However, I couldn’t help but wonder why even among the high rollers, games of the young, immature, and careless are played.

As I stood at the bar at Taj in NYC, I couldn’t help but notice the assortment of sexy men. All from different walks of life and swag. “Grown and Sexy” it’s not just a look it it’s a way of life. Similar to age being nothing but a number, grown and sexy knows no age and has no restrictions. It’s about handling your business, enjoying life and carrying yourself in a respectable manner. These attributes can resonate in any age group, sexual role, or character disposition (masculine/feminine). So the preconceived notion that it only applies to 30 and over has now vanished.

In this poker game of love and relationships, it’s all about the mentality you bring to the table. Grown and Sexy is served through actions, because nowadays anyone can throw on a suit and tie. An action that conveys, willingness to take control over your personal life situations and make positive things happen.  Now that’s Grown and Sexy!


Your Thoughts?

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