Let True Love Live? or Were We Just “CATFISHED”?

By Che Ereku

f30c7c3a531ee3b89e990de0a90a3b3d-11731-512-341The fourth episode of “Catfish” season 2 aired last night on MTV, 10 pm, which starred Lauren and her online beau, Derek. Lauren has been talking to Derek since she was fourteen years-old and surprisingly their lives with one another carried onto an eight year online relationship. Since Lauren lives in Tyler, TX and with Derek living in Baltimore, MD, seeing one another face to face has been an ongoing conversation throughout their relationship. Luckily, the creators of the show “Catfish,” Nev and Max, decided to document her journey on meeting the love of her life.

While Nev and Max investigated this “too good to be true” lover man aka Derek, whom Lauren has fallen head over heels for, they have a hard time finding any discrepancies in his photos and on his Facebook page. Unfortunately for Lauren, just when you think Nev and Max exhausted all of their options in trying to find something wrong with Mr. Right, they looked up his phone number.

This is the part I LIVE for!

Okay, so Nev and Max discover that the phone number, which belongs to Derek, was registered to an African-American middle-aged man by the name of R. Levourne. This Levourne character has about twenty kids–okay I’m exaggerating–but he has a few children and is married! Yes, married–but that’s not even the best part! Naturally, when confronted with the evidence Lauren does not believe it and still feels in her heart that the person she spoke to on the phone for eight years and who she sees in the pictures is indeed Derek.

935883_533330853379648_732050494_nFast-forward to the moment when Lauren is about to ring Derek’s doorbell at his Maryland home, all I could think is, “CATFISH IS ABOUT TO GET REAL! WE KNOW DEREK IS A BLACK MAN BY THE NAME OF R. LEVOURNE AND HE HAS BEEN TALKING TO HER SINCE SHE WAS FOURTEEN AND NOW HE IS GOING TO BE EXPOSED AS A PEDOPHILE!” (Pulls out my iPhone 5 because I am about to record this moment so I can upload it onto Instagram.) So, “Derek” opens the door and guess what?! IT’S DEREK! It’s actually Derek. The person who Lauren believed that she has been talking to for eight years. I know…I know…let true love live, right?

Uh, wrong! This is not what “Catfish” is all about! You don’t watch “Catfish” to see if these online romantics are real. You watch to see who is a female while portraying a male, who is ugly while portraying to be this hot model and who is not “athletically-fit” and etc.

Overall, I’m happy that Lauren and Derek finally met up and realized that it is true love that they found with one another. But as far as my “reality happiness” goes, I was left unsatisfied. If I had to rate this “Catfish” episode out of “10s across the board” this will be a negative 8…I’m just teasing! I give this episode a 5, since Lauren did finally meet her Prince Charming and that is what her reality was all about!




  1. matti vanhanen says:

    Derek is my former neighbour. He and levourne shared condo here.. Levourne gave derek a new car and motorcyckle.

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