Myx Fusions Moscato

By Melvin Browne

myx-kissingnickis_ltrhd1-e1370458648284-1024x699Do you drink wine??? Just to seem cool and classy many of us hard liquor drinkers will have to lie and say YES. We all will someday have to endure that bitter taste of moscato, one of the most common wines known to this “emerging” generation. Who’s in the club poppin bottles of moscato?

Well Myx Beverages has found the back door into the wine industry and into the hands of distributors all over the country. Brace yourself for the moscato of our generation… Myx Fusions Moscato! The face and part owner of Myx Fusions Nicki Minaj wants you to #GetInTheMyx. This all natural and refreshingly carbonated, moscato comes in three delicious flavors – Coconut, Peach and Original Moscato.

Nicki Minaj Myx 3The signature cobalt blue bottle is easy to open which provides the casual occasion of beer, while the beautifully designed package and premium quality beverage delivers the elegance of wine. No more pretending to drink those bitter moscato’s just to seem sophisticated! Turn Up and #GetInTheMyx!


Your Thoughts?

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