“Summers Hottest Ladies of Daytime Talk”

By Che Ereku

This past Monday was the start of two summer test runs for daytime talk shows, “Kris” and “The Real”. Both talk shows aired on FOX, “Kris” at 11am and “The Real” at 12pm–can you say, set-up or set-down? Only time will tell…or in this case, ratings, because there is so much current events that needs to be addressed and it will become redundant if both shows talk about the same things. Hopefully, each show will bring its own personality and concept to daytime television–-LORD KNOWS THEY HAVE THEIR WORK CUT OUT FOR THEM BECAUSE WENDY WILLIAMS IS SNATCHING WIGS—no synthetics over here!

“The Real”

img_6940-e1373948137687Today on “The Real”, hosts Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeanne Mai and Adrienne Bailon addressed the issues of what black people don’t do, Lindsay Lohan and her $2 million dollar documentary series that Oprah is co-signing and polygamy with special guest, Kody Brown and his wives from the TLC series, “Sister Wives.”

Some of the highlights that I enjoyed was when Adrienne Bailon spoke candidly about how she washes her intimates. The four other hosts looked at Bailon as if she was speaking in a tongues, but in her defense washing your intimates while you take a shower is not unusual.

For instance, while I attended the University at Albany in 2010 my roommate and now close friend, a Dominican young lady, looked at my body sponge that I use to take showers with like a deer in headlights. Of course, I sized her up and asked if there was a problem–we have a certain way of talking to one another…it’s all love–and she proceeded to tell me what she was thinking. How she was raised, in particular when taking a bath/shower, she is supposed to wash and use her panties as a wash cloth. Now, I am not ignorant so I immediately understood where she was coming from since we are both for different cultural backgrounds.

Another topic that these beautiful ladies discussed was of course Lindsay Lohan and her $2 million dollar paycheck that she will be receiving from Oprah’s OWN Network for exposing–YES, I SAID “EXPOSING”,– her everyday life on national television. Everyone’s views were pretty much the same as mine, basically that Oprah has a reason as to why she chose Lohan out of all people to have a documentary on OWN.

Oprah, even you have some explaining to do to the people of the United States of America! I will be tuning in to the promo interviews in hopes that you will explain this left-field decision on a person who clearly does not give “TWO YACHTS & A PRIVATE JET” about her career and her personal-public life choices!

Lastly, their special guest was Kody Brown and his wives from the TLC series, “Sister Wives”. I never seen this show, but by the looks of it, TLC loves filling up their time slots with just anyone! The wives discussed being romantic with Brown and being jealous of his time spent with the other wives on the show. Basically, the same issues that will most likely come up in a polygamist relationship, so nothing exciting that caught my attention. To be honest, the topic of polygamy in my opinion is a little bit dated. Again, nothing new under the sun.

Now, if TLC was to have a show about couples living and involved in the BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism and masochism) community. Now THAT will be an exciting show to watch!

Overall, “The Real” is off to a great start! The ladies seem very comfortable with one another, which is the key element of having more than one host on the show. Just as long as they keep their egos in check, since all the ladies are successful in their own right outside of the talk show, there can possible be a great new hip talk show on the horizon. “The Real” airs weekdays at 12pm on FOX.

“The Kris Jenner Show”

maxresdefaultEver watched paint dry on a cloudy day? Well, I should have braced myself because that is exactly what I felt while watching the premiere episode of the “Kris Jenner Show.” GIVE US MORE KRIS JENNER and not of KIMYE–at least not for your first episode! I know you are capable of doing so much better!

As I tuned in to see the beautiful Kris Jenner begin a new chapter in her life in front of daytime audience, I could not help but to notice how uncomfortable and nervous she looked. Jenner is a “reality” star and is DEFINITELY no stranger to the cameras, so I was shocked when she announced having a co-host, Cameron Mathison, on for her premiere episode. I immediately asked myself, “Is she afraid to stand alone?” After all, the show is called “Kris” not “Kris & Co,” and “Is Mathison looking for a job?”  I only ask because he is clearly trying to take over the show. I mean did he not get the memo that “co-host” is short for “COOPERATING WITH THE HOST!”

Just when you thought it could not get any more awkward, Jenner had to mention her “LIFE SIZED AMERICAN EXPRESS BLACK CARD” aka “Kim Kardashian” to reel in the viewers at home for at least the introduction segment of her show–she definitely had me glued to the television screen sipping my coffee though! Does this come as a surprise? Of course not! Everyone knew she was going to talk about Kim’s newborn, North West, and Kanye West–for us urban folks– but I did not think she was going to spill the beans, or in her expensive taste, “the caviar,” so soon, I’m talking about just 3-4 minutes into the show…which ended up lasting about two segments, and if you ask me, that’s just too long to talk about KIMYE! Not to mention the obvious prep talk that Kris and the producers of the show had with co-host of the day, Mathison, about asking Kris questions about how she was able to get Kim to the hospital without the paparazzi noticing. Why does he care? Didn’t he have enough drama while he was on “All My Children?” – Just saying!

Overall, I believe Jenner does have potential as a talk show host. For starters, she has an unbelievable great speaking voice, very easy on the eye and she also has this charismatic spirit about her–you see it in her eyes! BUT she and her production team really need to go back to the drawing board and figure out their target audience. As of right now, I really do not know who she is catering to. If Jenner is going to continue on talking about KIMYE’s relationship for the remaining of the summer test run of her talk show, then she is going to sink! Critics already predicted that Jenner was going to talk about Kim and her granddaughter, North, on the first episode and she proved them right. One thing that I miss from the entertainment industry is the “unforeseeable nature” that had people on the edge of their seats. The notion of not knowing what is going to come. Kris Jenner just needs to relax and understand that she does not need such a grand stage to talk to viewers, all she needs is great topics/issues that is affecting her target audience/herself. Jenner will find that she is more relatable that way as oppose to constantly shoving her family down our throats. You got this Jenner! Don’t let such a great platform and opportunity go to waste! The “Kris Jenner Show” comes on weekdays at 11am on FOX.



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