Mario Ft Nicki Minaj : “Somebody Else”

By Stephfon Guidry

mario-somebody-else-nicki-minaj-download-mp3Mario (@MarioSoulTruth) croons smooth R&B on the track “Somebody Else”.  The beat is simple, leaving only his voice and vocals to shine on the track. Mario sings:

You left me for somebody else now
I wish never loved ya
You left me, baby you left me
Girl, I guess I’ll take it off your love

Nicki Minaj (@NickiMinaj) is a feature with the best line of the song, “How could you learn if I ain’t leave?” She raps with her signature New York swag and enhances the hip hop edge of the beat. The music video features a tragic love affair with Nicki Minaj serving back to Black dressed head to toe sexy. Mario and her dance back to back keep the focus on them the whole video. #KeepItCurrent and give the track a listen it seems like Mario is ready for a comeback.




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