TOP Rappers Return to NO.1

By Stephfon Guidry

BmM2p82From Adidas sweat suits with Kangol hats to couture runways and Italian masterpieces, Hip Hop artists are reinventing their image and the content of their lyrics. Jay-Z’s 12th album Magna Carta Holy Grail and Kanye West (@Kanyewest) 6th album Yeezus put the dynamic dynasty back on top with NO.1 debuts. Jay-Z set a new record on Spotify beating Daf Punk with over 14 million album streams. Yeezus brings Kanye West’s rhyme to off beat tunes and tracks with no gimmicky auto tune just a clear sound unlike anything on the radio now.  Jay-Z spoke highly of Yeezus in a Radio interview with BBC1 Zane Lowe, “He’s always been striving for this moment. Just to find the place of expression.” ( MTV news featured Kendrick Lamar weighing in on Yeezus, “as an artist, we all need to take heat into that and salute that because, at the end of the day, it’s so much we can do following radio, following the politics in the business so for somebody to come back again and do what they want, it helps out new cats like myself, Cole, Drake, whoever, so salute.” ( Both rappers are fathers with a mission to transform their art, their music into something that will be talked about for generations to come. With lyrics that literally spur conversation and controversy everywhere both Jay-Z and Kanye West achieve their artistic goal.





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