HC Style Highlight: INOVATION3

headerlogoBy Melvin Browne

lookbook2_zps20f44c6aSwag for an imagination and fashion for the streets. INOVATION3 is a lifestyle brand based out of New York. Inspired by urban fashion and the skater lifestyle, CEO and Creative Director Sharda’ Beverly created this brand with patience and quality.

When you hear Innovation, you think of something fresh, new, and inventive. INOVATION3 promotes exclusivity and style. Hence the Light Bulb Detail on many of their pieces. “Dream. Imagine. Inspire” is their motto. The brand looks for ways to reinvent street wear. The Collection is inspired by major changes in life and depicts the direction of change. Like a flick of a switch or turning on a light. The bulb is cracked, a statement of imperfection. Hence cracked light bulb: “Genius but with a twist.”  Get into the INOVATION3 collection below. Pieces can be found and purchased at the Official Site and be sure to Follow INOVATION3 on Twitter and Instagram for the Latest Updates… Enjoy

IMG_4233 IMG_4209

IMG_4175 IMG_4159





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