Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Finale

By Che Ereku

LHHAnd just when you thought there was no light at the end of the Atlanta tunnel…the Love & Hip Hop Season 2: Atlanta finale finally aired tonight at 8pm on VH1.

For the record, HC readers, please do not get the wrong idea. I absolutely LOVED this season of Love & Hip Hop! The cast and definitely Mona Scott-Young gave me my Monday night “fix” of drama that I needed in order to snap back into reality and realize that my life is pretty TERRIFIC and drama-free! But, I really want to see the reunion special because I know it is going to be the best one yet! So here is my interpretation of my favorite highlights of the GAGA…

Let’s start with the main drama, Kirk and Rasheeda. OMGosh, I am so happy that Rasheeda is moving forward with the separation, well at least that’s what it appeared to be on the show. Kirk definitely proved to the country that anyone will sell their soul for $1. Furthermore, Kirk came across as a disgusting, trifling and disloyal husband. I still can not believe he thought he had a “pass” to have sex, kiss or do whatever with other women. I hope Rasheeda moves on with her life and excludes him out of it!

MOVING ON…Erica gave back the engagement ring to Lil’ Scrappy while visiting him at the rehabilitation center for his weed problems—SMH—these two need to just move on from one another and keep it platonic for the sake of their well-being and for their lovely daughter.

FINALLY…I have to save the best for last. Joseline proposed to Stevie J while in Puerto Rico shooting her music video. Of course the word got back to Mimi, but she can obviously care less about who Stevie J is either dating or doing with his life. My favorite part had to be when Stevie J asked Joseline and Mimi to meet with him because he had some special announcement to tell them. In a nutshell, Stevie J did not ask Joseline to marry him–Stevie J only agreed to move forward with this “life partner thing.” That is not a marriage proposal at all, but we get what you were trying to say Mr. J. Anyways, Joseline of course looked confused because she was wondering why Stevie invited Mimi. Even though it was suppose to be a happy moment for Joseline, that all came to an end as soon as Stevie approached Mimi with a ring of his own. LOL and ROTFL! Joseline stormed out and Mimi started to crack up with laughter. Next thing you know, Joseline began hitting and fighting Stevie J inside the elevator—(I wondered if they reached capacity with all those security guards and cameramen inside that small elevator). Poor Joseline! Mimi most definitely had the last laugh of the season!

Overall, I can not wait for the two-part reunion special airing next week Monday at 8pm on VH1.  The producers of the show have been really “hush hush” about everything so I will be tuning in for the extended drama, will you?





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