By Che Ereku

tlc-600The teaser trailer for the best female selling group of all time, ‘TLC,’ has been released to the public to see called, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.” ‘TLC’ has been such an inspiration to many people, especially females, all over the world as they continued to spread awareness and positivity through their music. So, it is about time that their story is told to the world! For the past two years, rumors of the group’s biopic has been speculating amongst many blog sites and for a brief minute I thought this biopic will get axed if neither a major network or film studio picked it up. Luckily, VH1 chose to be the platform for this film in order for the fans to get the real “tea” on what occurred behind the scenes either after or before interviews, concerts and overall within their personal lives.

With regards to this teaser of a trailer, it does not look like the biopic is going to be spectacular. I am aware that this is just a teaser, but come on! I was not expecting to see just a remake of their biggest hits in the trailer. That is not a trailer worth all this wait to see! I am hoping that executive producers and two-thirds of ‘TLC’, T-Boz and Chili, do not try to overlook the drama amongst the three of them, including the late and talented Left-Eye. Left-Eye passed away in a car crash while on a spiritual retreat with family and friends in Honduras on April 25, 2002. While filming her documentary that debuted on VH1, “The Last Days of Left Eye,” I do recall her addressing several hot topics in regards to the group not wanting to work with their producer, Dallas Austin, because of the amount of money he was asking in order to produce records for them, the infamous fire incident with her then boyfriend, Andre Rison, where Left-Eye set fire to his sneakers in the bathroom which caused the fire to spread throughout the mansion and of course speaking out publicly about the group filing for bankruptcy.

I am crossing my fingers that the ‘TLC’ biopic will be well worth the wait and informative about what really went on behind the scenes with their record label and with one another.

The ‘TLC’ biopic is set to premiere in October on VH1. Will you be tuning in? I most definitely will just to see if they covered all the juicy topics that made headlines during their prime!



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