White Chocolate Strawberry Martini

By Melvin Browne

strawberries-and-cream-newestTGIF! It’s been a long stressful week and now begins the summer weekend madness! Instead of the normal throwing of vodka and chasers into a red cup on some ice, get in into a tasty and rich cocktail for a change. While scouting some venues for an Exclusive HomoCouture Experience, I had the pleasure of tasting a White Chocolate Strawberry Martini. This cocktail contains some of my favorite flavors all in one martini glass. I’m sure this martini will quickly become a favorite and HomoCouture special. So while you luxuriate this weekend (because you deserve it) ask your favorite bartender to hook you up with one of these fab and delicious delights.

White Chocolate Strawberry Martini


1oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

.5oz Strawberry Liqueur

1oz Crème de Cacao

1oz Simple or Vanilla Vodka

Muddles Fresh Strawberries

Crushed Ice

Directions: Add the strawberry slices to the shaker and muddle. Then add the chocolate liqueur, crème de cacao, strawberry liqueur and vodka. Add the ice to the shaker, shake until frothy and strain into a martini glass! Garnish with two strawberries and close your eyes for the first taste. Enjoy and Drink Responsibly!


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