Slippery When Wet!

By Thomas-Mychael

Wet_Platinum_Premium_Personal_Lubricant_570How often do you find yourself in one of those heated debates, where giving personal testimony usually seals the deal? Well I know I have! When it comes to SEX everyone swears they know all the tips and tricks. Now we all have our preferences when it comes to lubrication. However, Wet Platinum Premium Lubrication is by far the best lube out there. Or, the best I’ve used, and trust me I’ve come across my share of different brands of lube.  If slippery when wet is what you’re going for, then this is where it’s at. From personal alone time to sexual intercourse, this lube has you covered. It comes in varying bottle sizes, some small to have on the go and others made for the bed side for quick application.

The reason for all the fuss over Wet Platinum Premium Lube is its silicone based components. Silicone based lubes have a thinner texture and doesn’t get sticky. So that annoying break to reapply isn’t needed as it would with other lubes. In a nutshell it makes having sex slicker and more pleasurable. If you have an adventurous sex life, having sex in the shower, or any type of wet environment, still cases NO issue. I look at it as you’re whenever, whatever type of lube! Its latex friendly so applying to a condom makes sex safe as well as fun and enjoyable. If you don’t take my word for it here is what Wet Platinum has to say.

“Wet Platinum Premium Lube is guaranteed never sticky and is our longest lasting personal lubrication formula. It does not break down in water so try it in the bath, shower, or spa. The silky smooth 100% silicone formula is latex friendly and doctor recommended”.

wet_platinum-240x240Why else would it be called premium? So if my personal recommendation has not convinced you on this sex-life changing lube. Then head down to your nearest adult shop pick you up a bottle and give this premium silicone lube a shot yourself. Don’t knock it until you try it! Trust me when you orgasm you won’t regret it.


Your Thoughts?

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