GAME ON! Basketball Wives Season 5

By Che Ereku

basketball-wives-season-5-iamsupergorgeSo, just when you thought this show was buried six feet under, it has risen again like Jesus Christ on an Easter Sunday! The “wives” aka “exes” are back at it with new drama, new faces, new hair color (YES, I SEE YOU MISS EVELYN!) and of course NO NEW ATTITUDE! Although the trailer was about four minutes long, it was enough for the viewer to get an idea of what to expect from this season of BBW (side, it did not seem like they were in Miami, so I am guessing they moved it to New York).

This season of BBW welcomes new real basketball wife, LaTasha Marbury, who is married to Beijing Ducks player, Stephon Marbury. By the look of her edits in the trailer, she is going to be a LIVE ONE! I hope LaTasha brings the drama and attitude that we love to see from our reality stars, just hold putting the paws on anyone!

Furthermore, the main BBW veterans, Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and Suzie are still on the show in hopes of saving whatever ratings they have left. After the bullying that occurred last season, I am pretty sure the producers tried their best to edit out majority of the drama or possibly had a talk with Tami and Evelyn about toning it down for the sake of their children watching and America.

Speaking of the veterans, it seems like the tables has turned and Miss Shaunie is in the middle of the drama with Tami. I am looking forward to how that panes out! As for Suzie, oh LAWD, please stop renewing her contract! I absolutely loved her in the first season, then I pitied her in the second season when Evelyn stopped talking to her, now this season I do not want to even see her! I believe she has too much going on in her main circle to participate on a reality show. I thought she was running the party scene in Miami, at least that what it seemed like in the first season, so how does she have time to do a television show? Hmm, I will love an answer Suzie!

Also, I will like to add that I am rooting for Tami to seek out help. Tami seems like a real genuine person who, dare I say it, can help out a lot of women but that attitude that she has will not progress her to the next level where she should be. My fingers are crossed that Tami does not go off on any of the cast members this season. I watched interviews where Tami and Evelyn talked about changing and showing a more positive image of themselves on BBW and I hope they will do just that this season.

Basketball Wives Season 5 airs on August 19th on VH1 at 8pm!




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