Online Profile Protocols

By Thomas-Mychael


So we all have been on the sites and dating apps A4A, BGC, Grindr and Jack’d.  Although the primary reason for these sites are for sexual interactions, I’m a firm believer that personal results are what you make of them. They can be social media outlets, a way to connect and make new friends or even a place to find your soul mate. Whatever your reason for trolling these sites, there are a few fundamental protocols that everyone should implement.

There are numerous reasons as to why one would not get any action online and it is because they don’t cover all the basics. We all have come across a profile with no picture, or a disrespectful message, bitter about ME’s etc.

Up-to-date Pictures/Stats

First impressions are everything and your photos are what dictate the appeal of your profile. It’s nothing more deceiving than meeting someone that doesn’t look like their picture. #catfish. We are all on other social media networks and have some kind of device to take an updated picture. So do it! #keepitcurrent.

Quick note on Stats: This covers age, weight, sexual position, status and penis size. Don’t lie! You will get caught and you will find yourself in compromising positions that will not result in busting a nut.

Profile Message

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Your message is a brief description of who you are and what you are seeking online. It doesn’t have to be a full autobiography. However, it should be able to give prospects the individual substance of who you are. Filling this section with a lot of negativity and nothingness, will get you nowhere besides an empty inbox and a lot of blocks.  Even leaving this section blank can be viewed as stand-offish.


Have something to talk about! Whether you’re just going to be a nut, be direct and state that. One worded messages or answers like “horny”,“wassup” or “chillin” are dead end responses. If the person is that simple to not be able to say anything, 9 out of 10 they are a dumb (insert curse word here) and is not worth the time of day.

These are basics, however there are always individuals online expecting more then they give out. Change your approach and you will reap more benefits. Whether it’s a hookup, friendship or potential love, there should always be a level of clarity and truth to successfully navigating these sites/apps.

Take Care!


Your Thoughts?

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