Are You In with the “Out Crowd”

By Stephfon Guidry

993359_484311801663908_1380485262_nThe “Out Crowd” presents us with Marshall, the main character and the average bodied guy with a heart of gold. His motley crew includes Rayquan (Hezekiah White) his Gay-ru/cousin who is a bit of a… I’m just going to say I “HO”, and Lena (Maribel Martinez) his good judy who always keeps it real.

The comedy opens up with Marshall receiving the most dramatic and drawn out dumping of his gay life while his boyfriend (Travis Demetri of ADTV) is orating the house down.  The ke behind this scene is fueled by the boyfriends drawn out theatrical speech and then seeing Marshall’s mute reaction. The Episode may only be 7 minutes long but it definitely grips you with laughs and quick-witted humor. Marshall’s authenticity leads you to understand that he is “not about that life” and ironically not IN with the “Out Crowd”

The “Out Crowd” is a welcome departure from the same cute faces, hot bodies, and tired read sessions that other shows rely on for viewers. This new comedy definitely stands out on its own. The writing of Executive Producer Liki Wright who plays Marshall, outs his cinematography on an industry level high enough to score mainstream attention. The Out Crowd is definitely sparking attention because it delivers comedy into a lifestyle that only we truly understand. Don’t act like you don’t see some of yourself in these characters! Open your eyes and subscribe to “The Out Crowd” and Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for the latest episodes an updates. Enjoy!




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