Bry’Nt Drops New Single “Keep the Streets”

By Melvin Browne

tumblr_mr3zvoNn1a1snbnfto1_1375791974_coverBry’Nt is much more than just a sickening #BAWDY and pretty face. With the success of his mixtapes Pornstar and Pornstar II: Director’s Cut, his fans are now aching for more. “Keep the Streets” is his new and second single from his much anticipated debut album “Bry’Nt Park”.

Keep the Streets” is a lyrically rugged reality surrounding hustling, running the streets and stacking money. The singles style is very edgy and enticing but the beat is definitely on point and takes the cake. Watch out for the featured artist Ashlyne, who brings a hot new element to the Bry’Nt sound. With such heavy lyrics, her subtle tone really allows the story to come to life. But don’t get it twisted, cuz she sending bum bitches back up back to fleet lol! We ain’t about that life but if we were, we’d definitely be giving Bry’Nt and Ashlyne a call!

Get into Bry’Nts new single “Keep the Streets” and read these straight gutter lyrics. Rap is back.. Gay or not, he’s definitely on point with this one. Hopefully we’ll get to hear it live at a HC event! Purchase “Keep the Streets” on iTunes and be sure to Follow Bry’Nt on Facebook, ReverbNation and Twitter for updates on his upcoming music videos and the release of his debut album “Bry’Nt Park” Enjoy!

Bry’Nt Verse 3:

I must admit I stayed around her

Even though she was a grimey crook

She had the boy doing numbers

Like I had ’em hooked

Other niggas destitute

Her dough was growing by the foot

She ain’t like the rest of fools

‘Cause she ain’t do it by the book

Bry’Nt leaves your ears in stiches with a wicked ending:

Far from being threatened

They just popped up like a pimple


She took her last breath

Last step

Nothing left

Dropped her in a fast death



  1. Bryn’t keeps dropping some awesome music. I can’t wait to see what he does next! Thanks for posting his music!

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