HC Approved! Hit Drama Series FREEFALL

By Melvin Browne

media1It gets really busy over here at HomoCouture and I’m sorry guys but I did know about this hit new drama series for a few weeks now. However, better late than never FREEFALL is doing well and needs the help and support of our community for a season 2! I am all down for it, definitely VERY interesting and not to mention the cast is kinda fine lol! The Atlanta-based series FREEFALL was created by award-winning filmmaker Lamont Pierré and produced by Band of Artists. Think… quality production… meets dramatic story-line…. meets ATL eye candy, what else could you possibly as for??

I don’t want to give it all way, so get into the FREEFALL synopsis, midseason trailer and catch up on episodes 1-6 ASAP! Follow FREEFALL on Facebook and Twitter + Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for new episodes and updates. To donate to the FREEFALL Series Click Here… Enjoy!

FREEFALL chronicles the lives of roommates Xavier (Shamon Glapsy), Cameron (Jody Fulton), and Nico (DeAndre Lemans) as they navigate a complicated living situation. For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined by their sexuality. One by one the friends are pulled into the dark side of Atlanta life and must fight to stay afloat and keep their personal relationships from taking them under — before the streets do.

Additional Cast Includes: Chad (Jovanni Colon), Tony (Alonzo Fri’zon), Oliver (J.Troy Richardson), and Ray (Toni Bernard).

“FREEFALL came on the heels of me promoting my feature film debut TALKING WITH THE TAXMAN ABOUT POETRY which stars Vanessa Simmons and Steph Jones,” says director Lamont Pierré. “I wanted to do something different. And I think our fans attached themselves to our series because we are unapologetically different and committed to diversifying the images of Black gay men in media.”  – Lamont Pierré







**For those of you Atlanta residents and people travelling to ATL for Labor Day Weekend Pride. FREEFALL will actually be hosting a Red Carpet Premiere Screening of the Season’s Finale Episodes. The screening will feature a Q&A/Meet with cast and crew and tickets are only $10. Probably will be your best spent Hamilton the whole weekend lol!.

Sunday, September 1, 2013 from noon – 2pm
@Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema (931 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308)




  1. Excellent series..we have to keep it coming.i am so proud of you guys filling the void. The brothers are physically beautiful

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