PaperFrank: International Acrylic & Tattoo Artist

By Melvin Browne

PaperMaiden1HC recently attended this dope art exhibit in Brooklyn at the Aloft Sheraton Rooftop.  “The Pre Fix” exhibit featured new pieces and a live painting by PaperFrank. The Atlanta abased artist PaperFrank is a self- taught artist, graphic designer based out of Atlanta who specializes in super flat style acrylic paintings and digital work. The event was laid-back and was occupied by industry people and fans of his work. PaperFrank is an internationally known acrylic painter and professional tattoo artist. Combining illustrative and contemporary styles, he creates large acrylic paintings featuring his iconic characters and striking palette.

“I create art as an outlet for my own emotions. Through my life, I’ve learned to smile even through struggles and I play off this concept in my paintings. Painting is a way for me to express my anger in a tangible way, but I make it pleasant with my use of color. I use my two main characters, Damien and Jessica, to depict certain moments throughout my life. Each of my paintings has a story that’s personally relevant to my own experience, but I like my viewers to bring their own experiences and create their own stories while viewing my works.”

I personally fell in love with the colors and the characters in his work, hence the reason I covered the event to give you guys the heads up! Below are photos from the event and images of some of PaperFrank’s work. Definitely Check out his Official Website/Shop and Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for future Exhibits and Updates. I can’t wait to get my first piece! Enjoy!









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