Damien Crawford’s ‘TURNT UP’ Music Video

By Stephfon Guidry

damienDamien Crawford’s newest video “TURNT UP” turns out a fresh beat, trendy looks and energetic cinematography. The video doesn’t give you #TwerkTeam but the song definitely gets you on the dance floor.

Crawford sings “Shake your Body (Body), Touch your Body (Body)” commanding fans to dance like its Friday night and you just got paid. His energy in this up-tempo R&B track is magnetic. He seduces the camera with his overall performance but on the flipside the choreography comes off a little tame. Kudos to the stylist for the wine colored tailored suit, the tiger tee with the tail accessory, and his camo-print pants with color blocking.

The TURNT UP video makes you stop, look, and listen. The music video’s vibrant visuals capture the life of the song. From beginning to end, the quality of the video is polished and packed with performance. Will Sheridan’s rap feature add a Hip Hop edge and flavor enhancing the entire music video! To sum up Damien Crawford in the TURNT UP music video, he’s a “tall, trendsetter, who’s talented.” Don’t take my word for it check it out on his Youtube , Like his Facebookand follow him @DAMIENCRAWFORD on Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy!


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