Renovation: From the Counters to the Floor

By Thomas-Mychael

tumblr_msesa59rSo1s0c6uwo1_1280It was the end of the summer, a rainy day to be exact and I spent my evening re-arranging my newly renovated apartment. A new beginning in a new apartment in a whole new area, the thought of it all brought on a breathtaking happiness. However my mind wondered into the dirty thoughts of my first sexual experience in my new apartment. I then snatched my cell phone from my new granite counter-top and scrolled down to text a dude that I met at the club the previous night. We quickly addressed all formalities that ranged from: top or bottom, dick size and the exchange of X-rated bathroom pics.

After the cool conversation I sat anxiously, waiting for my apartments final touches which was completed by my sexual renovation. When my hookup finally arrived he stood at 6’1 with slight facial hair, and the tools to complete the job. No blue print needed here. “I thought to myself, tonight will be my dick craving night, because after this long renovation I definitely needed it. I’ve been craving a thick dick to bang my walls down and fill my new room to capacity.” 

He entered my apartment dripping wet, completely drenched from the rain. I immediately thought to myself “not on my floors!” Without any hesitation he took his clothes off and grabbed me up with a firm hug. He whispered in my ear saying “don’t be shy”. So I dropped my inhibitions and plunged to my knees. As I licked and sucked deeply, I felt his manhood growing down my throat. I heard his moans and then felt his hand firmly on the back of my head. Everything in me yearned for more, craved more, desired more. It was pure ecstasy!

The next thing I knew he positioned me to the kitchen counter. I climbed on top of the counter and gave him a mouthful. In doggy style, I felt his tongue penetrate my hole. He probed my man-hole as he parted my cheeks to dig deeper. He ate my hole as if it was his first meal of the day. Then the unimaginable happened, he turned me on my back and without reluctance slid deep inside me! With every firm pound, I moaned and he groaned. He whispered in my ear, “Take daddies dick” and on command my hole seemed to open up and take more.

His strokes took me to the point of no return, I was reaching the climax. The next deep thrust sent my legs quivering over his shoulders, a bead of his sweat fell on my face and I creamed all over my stomach. My glue like substance sticking us together, I tilted my head back and hear him say, “I’m not done with you, daddy wants more!”

We moved from the kitchen counter to the kitchen floor. I fix myself in doggy style with my back arched, his firm grip on my shoulders and his manhood sliding deep in me. Right before he cums, he slides out, rips the condom off and shoots all over my back. After lying on the kitchen floor for a while we got up and with the same firm hug we vowed to meet again. He grabbed his drying clothes from over the door and headed out like a thief in the night.

The next morning I sat waiting for the maintenance man, “to reconnect my plumbing”. And to my surprise, it was my 6’1 Daddy. He stood in my doorway with a smile. What a Renovation… here we go again!


  1. I truly enjoyed this. it reminds me of this set of stories me and my friends used to read call “King Stories” you may have heard of them. Anyway, this was a great read.

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