Cuffing Season is Here!

By Jon Puché


OK guys so sultry summer is ending and “Cuffing” Season is in full bloom. Cuffing season… my favorite time of year, is the time when you can actually have your cake and eat it too. Just like love, cuffing is totally defined by the individual. You could cuff with one partner or a few. You could set guidelines or go with flow. You could get personal or be totally closed off. It all depends on your level of comfort and your ultimate goal. It’s a period within the year when you can enjoy all the gifts and wonders of a relationship and not have to actually be in a relationship. Cuffing, if done properly, could and should lead you and your “friend” down the road to a long term committed union. It may be a time for pleasurable enjoyment and comfortable relaxation; however it could also be a period of complete disappointment. You could end up in a very messy situation, and we all could do without that added drama. So listen up, I’m going to advise you on how to have a successful cuffing season.

For those of you who are in a full time, committed relationship this aren’t for you but for those of you, like myself who are single, enjoy this time in your life and take notes.

1. It’s all in how you select your cuffing partner/s. You should not enter this type of friendship under false pretenses. If ultimately you want a relationship then you should definitely state that from the beginning. Your partner may not be interested in the same. Find someone who is on the same page as you.

2. Be open to different types of guys. If everyone is the same and has the same characteristics, you deprive yourself of new experiences. How are you able to know what you’re really in to? “He doesn’t have to be husband material but he must have husband potential”.

3. You should always be on point when with your partner. He isn’t your boyfriend or husband so you owe him a spectacular presentation. If you’re spending a quiet cozy evening in the house, you better be dressed. “If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready”.

4. Its 2013 and we don’t live the still lifestyle of heterosexual people our age, so with that being said; provide him with the ultimate experience. He should always have a need and a desire to come back for seconds.

5. Be honest. Honesty goes a long way in any relationship. If there ever becomes a point where you are not feeling how things are going or you suddenly have become disinterested in this person, SPEAK UP. Don’t settle for the bullshit.

6. Know when to get personal. Some information is not for everyone. Overkill is usually a turn off unless the man is nosy and has nothing interesting going on in his own life. You never know where this could potentially go and you don’t want to put anything out there that you don’t want anyone else to know.

7. Allow him to take charge every once in a while. Do what he likes. “Let the man feel like a man”.

8. Take your time! You don’t have to rush anything and trust me, “A man who takes his time always does EVERYTHING right”. Lol, move at a steady pace.

9. Always know your place in this situation. Don’t feel entitled and don’t allow him to either. You both should feel comfortable but not overbearing.

And last but not least

10. Have fun! Your young and now is your time to enjoy life and what it has to offer. Some of us take life entirely too serious and we forget to just enjoy the moments.

HUNNY, you cannot go wrong with these 10 steps but if all else fails and the circumstances become unbearable, being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. (Wink)



  1. I totally agree with your article and I love your 10 steps. I do believe you have to be a special kind of person to be able to cuff a few lol. Me personally trying that, EPIC FAIL! I don’t how to cuff and not let it flow further and then when further hits all hell breaks loose. I am to something for that whatever that is lol. I want to cuff and do me but I always get caught up! I’ll try these 10 steps though to see if it helps me out.

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