John Legend Bares all in New Album “Love in the Future”

By Stephfon Guidry


John Legend’s ‘Love In The Future’ is all about love whether you’ve got it, want it, lost it or are lusting for it; beginning to end the album tells some chapter in your life’s love story. John Legend plays with new and old sound that all compliments his vocals perfectly. He is truly coming into his own as a vocalist. Male R&B is rekindled as John Legend belts out each bridge, verse and chorus song after song in Love In the Future.

He released “Who do We Think We Are?” featuring rap titan Rickey Rozay aka Rick Ross. The decadent lyrics and tone of the song craft a brand new love story. As his 2nd released music video, “Made to Love” portrays love as psychedelic drug melting with lust and music. Love in the Future is a definite staple for late nights and early mornings in the bedroom.

Love in the Future takes you on a ride in music with songs like “The Beginning”, “All of Me”, “Dreams” “For the First Time” & “Wanna Be Loved”.  The album takes notes from the past to with 70’s inspired music then flashes forward, keeping a constant pulse on fresh R&B. As if his “nude” spoof viral video wasn’t enough exposure, John Legend bares his heart and soul in Love in the Future. Is the “Love In the Future” a step forward or step back for John Legend? Give it a listen and let HC know!!



Your Thoughts?

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