Should I Stay or Should I Go

By Jon Puché 


Relationships are supposed to be a beautiful thing. They could either go really RIGHT or really WRONG. A great relationship could blossom into an amazing union or even a corrupt relationship… well you get my drift.

Despite our own personal situations, I think we could all agree that relationships start out on a good foot. You go on dates, he treats you well, he buys you gifts, you all vibe really nicely and it seems like things are going exactly the way they should. Further down the road, something happens and you begin to question. You question your judgment and the relationship. You begin to wonder if you or your present predicament means anything to him.

Truth be told, the guy becomes a total douche bag.

He gets obnoxiously comfortable and begins to show his true character and you just don’t understand why you never noticed this side of him before you made it official. He begins to show no interest in the relationship and it puzzles you. His lack of concern for you and your feelings becomes overwhelmingly obvious and you ask yourself, “Has he done enough in this relationship to make me stay or should I leave?”

In my opinion, YES. You should leave and here is why.

First of all, if you have ever had to question whether you should leave the relationship then that is enough reason for you to leave. “You should never be in a relationship questioning the relationship”. A relationship should be a mutual agreement between yourself and your partner that if anything becomes a situation or makes either you feel some type of way, that you all have the right to address it without judgment.

A one sided relationship is not a relationship at all. You should be able to communicate your feelings without feeling persecuted for them. Real shit, there are men out there that have no intention on being the man you need them to be and they are just fine with that and sex is typically their motivation. They enter in these types of long-term relationships without ever intending to put in the work to keep it fresh. They cheat, they lie, they hurt you and you are always to blame, that’s no way to live especially in a relationship.

Seeking sexual or mental stimulation outside of your relationship, lying to your partner or any other type of betrayal is totally unacceptable and should not be tolerated. I find that guys who entertain these types of relationships where they are continuously getting the “shitty” end of the stick usually do so because of convenience. They spend a lot of their relationship suspecting that their partner is cheating or lying but don’t have the nerve to address it and that usually because they don’t want to be alone. Some people like the idea of a relationship so much that they would sacrifice their own happiness just to be in one.

Let’s make one thing clear, “If you suspect he’s cheating or lying then he’s cheating AND lying”. End of story!

A relationship is defined by the personal and moral values of each individual cohesively merging together and creating an unbreakable bond. That bond is held together, for however long, with trust. “If you cannot trust your man to be your man then why keep him as your man”. Don’t accept mediocrity because it doesn’t work in your favor, your usually the one who gets hurt in the end and it’s not only because of something he did or how he made you feel but it’s also because you settled.


  1. Great discussion topic. First and foremost this along with most things when it comes to relationships, I feel is a case by case. There is no end all be all concrete answer to whether one should stay or go. But like you said, the communication DEF has to be there. So I don’t think once you question if you should stay or not means you should just dip, but I def think that’s when you need to sit your partner down and have a REAL conversation. You can’t just avoid having it because you’re scared of what you might hear. Now after you have the conversation, if you still feel shaky, then I think it’s about that time to really consider moving on.

  2. parlerdinde says:

    I love this. This is such an interesting topic and everyone seems to get it wrong in real-world situations. I suppose that’s why I’m a solitary geek! Anyway, this is a cool blog and you’re great.

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