HC Shots and the Cast of NOSHADE!

By Stephfon Guidry
Photos By Mia Marcus


#YesGawd the cast of NoShade gave me life as they partied with HomoCouture during New York fashion week. My sit down at the bar was both entertaining and uplifting with cast mates: David Bradyn (Noel), Terry Torro (Eric), Donnie DuRight (Kori) and Tamara M. Williams (Danielle). Each member of the cast gave great insight to the ins and outs of creating their ‘dramedy’ of a web series.

HC: Who is the actual writer/ creator of the show?

NS: “Director, Sean Anthony, came up with storyline and the cast knew they wanted to write a show.” David Bradyn detailed, “We knew we were going to write [the show] together. We knew who our characters were and wanted to write a story that was authentic to our experiences. It’s based on true stories, things that have happened and can happen. ”

HC: So you each got to create your characters back stories?

NS: “Yes” Tamara chimed in saying, “As writer/actors we not only add authenticity to the show, but we definitely add a story that hasn’t been told yet.” These untold stories are present in each character on the show. For example, Noel exploring his sexuality in a traditional West Indian household, Danielle’s emotional roller-coaster as she fights for her transgender rights and Kori’s aspiring artists lifestyle while navigating in the “gay family” dynamic. Eric rounds out the group with his bourgeois and promiscuous antics but each member of the NoShade family is definitely a different shade of gay!

HC: Damien Crawford had a cameo on the show; should we expect any more surprise guest stars?

NS: Donnie DuRight replied, “That’s up to Sean. He does his networking and whoever he brings in we always know it’s going to be magic!” Terry Torro let it slip, “There will be a surprise guest for the season finale.” The most they were able to clue me in on were these remarks, “It’s a fab artist that you already live for.”

HC: With serious topics how do you guys keep the show fun?

NS: “Majority of the time we are just having a good time filming the show. Sean keeps us serious when we get a little off—Quiet on Set,” said Donnie DuRight jokingly.

HC: Will the cast stay this tight knit group or are you very Drake #NoNEWfriends?

NS: Terry Torro gave his thoughts, “We would love to have it that way but this is real life you never know what happens.” Donnie DuRight added, “Sean is keeping season 2 very quiet, he slipped telling us that we might add few small characters. But honestly we are just excited to read what story he brings to us to see where the show is going.”

HC: Tamara is Danielle Williams getting a love interest?

NS: “This is real life. I would be very jealous of Danielle if she did. Danielle is first transitioning. When you are going through that time in your life it is about rebirth of yourself,” was Tamara’s heartfelt response. Her powerful testimony and story-line adds depth and visibility to the transgender community–#YASGawd.

The talented cast overwhelmed me with their class, wit, and REALness throughout the entire interview. We chatted about their most memorable and/or fun scenes to shoot. Many hinted that the first episode and the season finale hold that title.

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What’s next for the Show/Cast? No Shade is going from the Big Apple to the Lone Star State for Dallas DFW Pride Event October 3-7. Their country chic promo gave me everything so give it a look here:

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