Gay Relations: Are “3somes” Healthy?

By Jon Puché


This question has plagued gay relationships for some time now and honestly, there is no real RIGHT answer. I feel that there could only be an opinion given on this subject and in my opinion I believe that threesomes are for a particular type of sexual associate and are not conducive to a long lasting, prosperous relationship. There are many factors that come into play when deciding to partake in that type of sexual activity and when selecting that extra individual.

Take heed Gurls,

“When you open that door, you leave yourself vulnerable to whatever that walks through it and the only person you could blame for any type of consequence is yourself.”

I have only witnessed relationships get damaged or destroyed behind threesomes and in my personal experience I find that usually it’s because both partners are not on the same page. Some partners only participate to please the other. It’s never a unanimous decision to bring someone extra into your bedroom unless the relationship or the sex sucks. No Shade, if either of these two are reasons as to why you want a threesome, I would advise you to end the relationship. Know that nothing you do could change the context of your relationship and that includes doing something you don’t want to do. Trust me when I tell you, “It NEVER stops for someone in the relationship”. The threesome becomes a twosome and it usually doesn’t include YOU.

I don’t not condone that type of behavior.

Having a threesome just gives you permission to cheat on your boyfriend in front of your boyfriend. POINT BLANK PERIOD! There is no real moral reason for anyone in a relationship to feel comfortable enough to introduce another into that relationship unless they want to cheat. I think it’s disrespectful and a deal breaker and any man that ask his boyfriend for a threesome should be released from his position immediately. I say this because there is a huge misconception as to who should actually be aloud to participate in that type of sexual entertainment. There is a major difference between being single and having sexual relations with 1 or more persons at the same time and being in a relationship and adding another to you all’s sex life. “Think about that”.

For you guys that have subjected yourself to that type of sexual behavior, “Get a back bone and leave”. There is nothing you can tell yourself to convince yourself that this is normal or acceptable and for those of you thinking about asking your man to have a threesome, good luck.  Be careful of opening that door, the next man might be his best man!


Your Thoughts?

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