House of Versace

By Jon Puché


The House of Versace, a Lifetime movie docudrama starring Enrico Colantoni and Gina Gershon, is a supposed true depiction of how the fashion power house persevered through tragedy and turmoil after losing its head designer and creator Gianni Versace to murder and bounced back as one of the world’s largest and most successful fashion labels of our time. The movie, even though a lot less extravagant and editorial as we would have expected, was very interesting and eye-opening. It brought you into the head space of Fashion Icon Donatella Versace and how she dealt with the overwhelming changes in her life from her brother’s murder, the demands of the fashion world, to her addiction to cocaine, her divorce and facing bankruptcy. Despite the lack of effort and money put into production on this project, Gina delivered an amazing performance as Donatella.

“What the movie didn’t give you in opulence; Gina Gershon gave you in character”. She slayed!

Screen-Shot-2013-09-25-at-10.22.15The famous bleach-blonde wig and deep voiced Italian accent only made Gershon more believable. The fashion shows and photo shoots throughout the movie were not the Versace we all know and love but it gave you a great inside look at how the Versace Family worked to keep the dream of Gianni alive. There are many points in the movie where you “GET YOUR LIFE”, especially the scene when Donatella and Versace’s CEO, Santo, are meeting with their creditors and she says to one of them, “If you are going to put me on a tight leash it better be diamond-studded or you can kiss my ass.”, I gagged!  If you are expecting to get the glitz and glam of the early-mid 90’s, when Versace was in its prime, then it’s not the movie for you but if you want to see how a family torn by murder, jealousy, divorce and drugs triumph and make a DAMN good come back, then this is your movie.

The movie aired on Lifetime Network on Saturday at 8pm and will be in encore viewings throughout the week (Be sure to check your local listings). You can also check it out on

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