Tamar Braxton’s HOT SUGAR!

By Stephfon Guidry

a4b34-tamarbraxtonhotsugarthewalkinmannequinTamar Braxton is sticky, sweet, and sexy in her new music video for “Hot Sugar” off her debut album “Love and War”. Tamar (@TamarBraxtonHer) is serving the kids a #SNATCHED body and sex appeal.  Hypnotizing her fan base the “Tamartians” gag over her looks and choreography. Tamar serves face and opulence with a wet look close up in the beginning of the video.  Tamar takes a bold move, in keeping the sets and effects to a minimum which ultimately strengthens the edginess of the music video.  The ‘Hot Sugar’ video features a gang of gays popping and dropping in kilts keeping in step with Tamar’s exuberant energy. A new mom and mogul, Tamar is taking over with this fire video for a club banging hit. She throws her body and hair from side to side seducing you as she lures you to sing to “He want that Sugar, that HOT SUGAR all night!” But if you are still questioning her talent, I’ll let the “Hot Sugar” snatch your sweet tooth so check it out



  1. I think that she is very good singer.

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