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Lemon Brands Announces Launch of New Agency and Website

Atlanta, Georgia – Friday, March 7th, 2014 (Lemon Brands) – Today Brand Director Melvin Browne launched operations and company website for boutique creative agency Lemon Brands. In the works since fall of 2013, the new agency has come into full swing this new year. Based in both Atlanta, Georgia and New York, New York, Lemon Brands is set to cover from small businesses to fortune 500 companies with fresh, innovative, and branded marketing solutions.

Lemon Brands is a full-service boutique creative agency that cultivates businesses and products through strategic branding, interactive marketing, social media strategy, product & brand development, innovative solutions and graphic design.

Staffed by a cutting edge pool of graphic designers, project managers, and content developers, Lemon Brands flexibility and special attention to relevance and detail will certainly fuel a great amount of success in the year 2014.

Lemon Brands has already established a diverse roster of clientele. For mentioning – Swell Caroline, Oliver Allen, CoreyBoi Styles, Inovation3 and HomoCouture.Com. The Lemon Brands agency is full service and their creativity is endless. The small business friendly agency specializes in several markets and industries ranging from Fashion/Apparel industries to Minority and LGBTQ Markets.

Lemon Brands aims to have an amazing year and continued success. Lemon Brands invites all businesses seeking marketing and branded solutions to visit the company website site at www.LemonBrands.Com for a full scope of services.

Melvin Browne
Brand Director
Lemon Brands


Tamar Braxton’s HOT SUGAR!

By Stephfon Guidry

a4b34-tamarbraxtonhotsugarthewalkinmannequinTamar Braxton is sticky, sweet, and sexy in her new music video for “Hot Sugar” off her debut album “Love and War”. Tamar (@TamarBraxtonHer) is serving the kids a #SNATCHED body and sex appeal.  Hypnotizing her fan base the “Tamartians” gag over her looks and choreography. Tamar serves face and opulence with a wet look close up in the beginning of the video.  Tamar takes a bold move, in keeping the sets and effects to a minimum which ultimately strengthens the edginess of the music video.  The ‘Hot Sugar’ video features a gang of gays popping and dropping in kilts keeping in step with Tamar’s exuberant energy. A new mom and mogul, Tamar is taking over with this fire video for a club banging hit. She throws her body and hair from side to side seducing you as she lures you to sing to “He want that Sugar, that HOT SUGAR all night!” But if you are still questioning her talent, I’ll let the “Hot Sugar” snatch your sweet tooth so check it out

Gay Relations: Are “3somes” Healthy?

By Jon Puché


This question has plagued gay relationships for some time now and honestly, there is no real RIGHT answer. I feel that there could only be an opinion given on this subject and in my opinion I believe that threesomes are for a particular type of sexual associate and are not conducive to a long lasting, prosperous relationship. There are many factors that come into play when deciding to partake in that type of sexual activity and when selecting that extra individual.

Take heed Gurls,

“When you open that door, you leave yourself vulnerable to whatever that walks through it and the only person you could blame for any type of consequence is yourself.”

I have only witnessed relationships get damaged or destroyed behind threesomes and in my personal experience I find that usually it’s because both partners are not on the same page. Some partners only participate to please the other. It’s never a unanimous decision to bring someone extra into your bedroom unless the relationship or the sex sucks. No Shade, if either of these two are reasons as to why you want a threesome, I would advise you to end the relationship. Know that nothing you do could change the context of your relationship and that includes doing something you don’t want to do. Trust me when I tell you, “It NEVER stops for someone in the relationship”. The threesome becomes a twosome and it usually doesn’t include YOU.

I don’t not condone that type of behavior.

Having a threesome just gives you permission to cheat on your boyfriend in front of your boyfriend. POINT BLANK PERIOD! There is no real moral reason for anyone in a relationship to feel comfortable enough to introduce another into that relationship unless they want to cheat. I think it’s disrespectful and a deal breaker and any man that ask his boyfriend for a threesome should be released from his position immediately. I say this because there is a huge misconception as to who should actually be aloud to participate in that type of sexual entertainment. There is a major difference between being single and having sexual relations with 1 or more persons at the same time and being in a relationship and adding another to you all’s sex life. “Think about that”.

For you guys that have subjected yourself to that type of sexual behavior, “Get a back bone and leave”. There is nothing you can tell yourself to convince yourself that this is normal or acceptable and for those of you thinking about asking your man to have a threesome, good luck.  Be careful of opening that door, the next man might be his best man!

House of Versace

By Jon Puché


The House of Versace, a Lifetime movie docudrama starring Enrico Colantoni and Gina Gershon, is a supposed true depiction of how the fashion power house persevered through tragedy and turmoil after losing its head designer and creator Gianni Versace to murder and bounced back as one of the world’s largest and most successful fashion labels of our time. The movie, even though a lot less extravagant and editorial as we would have expected, was very interesting and eye-opening. It brought you into the head space of Fashion Icon Donatella Versace and how she dealt with the overwhelming changes in her life from her brother’s murder, the demands of the fashion world, to her addiction to cocaine, her divorce and facing bankruptcy. Despite the lack of effort and money put into production on this project, Gina delivered an amazing performance as Donatella.

“What the movie didn’t give you in opulence; Gina Gershon gave you in character”. She slayed!

Screen-Shot-2013-09-25-at-10.22.15The famous bleach-blonde wig and deep voiced Italian accent only made Gershon more believable. The fashion shows and photo shoots throughout the movie were not the Versace we all know and love but it gave you a great inside look at how the Versace Family worked to keep the dream of Gianni alive. There are many points in the movie where you “GET YOUR LIFE”, especially the scene when Donatella and Versace’s CEO, Santo, are meeting with their creditors and she says to one of them, “If you are going to put me on a tight leash it better be diamond-studded or you can kiss my ass.”, I gagged!  If you are expecting to get the glitz and glam of the early-mid 90’s, when Versace was in its prime, then it’s not the movie for you but if you want to see how a family torn by murder, jealousy, divorce and drugs triumph and make a DAMN good come back, then this is your movie.

The movie aired on Lifetime Network on Saturday at 8pm and will be in encore viewings throughout the week (Be sure to check your local listings). You can also check it out on MyLifetime.com.

How soon is too soon?

By Jon Puché

gay-coupleThis is definitely a question we all have to take into consideration. We meet a guy and he’s everything we need in a man. He’s attentive, passionate, mature and attractive. He makes us feel as though we could break down every barrier and place total control in his hands. We get comfortable and begin to share some of our most inner secrets, things we wouldn’t dare share with others, and we forget to censor ourselves. We subconsciously believe that keeping information and experiences about ourselves to ourselves is the wrong thing to do. The infatuation takes over and even though your intentions are genuine and true, his may not.

So how soon is too soon? I say it depends on the experience you are trying to provide for this man. Sex, although very intimate, isn’t as personal as personal/private information. Sex comes with the territory in some situations, especially in this lifestyle, but if it’s a relationship you are after I would advise you to not give it up on the first night. But if its information they seek, be cautious. Some people start out with every intention on keeping your information to themselves but somehow something you shared with them gets out. “We all have had it happen to us and wished we didn’t share those intimate/delicate details”. Be comfortable in knowing that withholding the goods (whether its information or sex) will work out for you in the long run. Honestly, I am a firm believer that there are some things that ought not to be discussed.

“Some things, like your past relationships, aren’t their business”, and should remain in your past. I find with a lot of my good girlfriends, that as soon as the past is brought up the relationship goes sour. It could be a number of reasons as to why the relationship stopped and it could be on either side of the relationship. It could be the number of past relationships you had, who your ex’s are, the type of guy, the reason as to why y’all broke up, etc… So NO, don’t share that information and encourage him not to either. It’s not important and if he cares for you or vice versa, it should not matter any way.

Be mindful in the type of experiences you give to the next man. Not every man is boyfriend potential therefore do not deserve that type of treatment. Know when to share certain things be it sex and or information and understand that it makes you more vulnerable should you decide to share too soon.

When it comes to this type of situation there is no one true answer, there is no right or wrong, there is only opinion. I can’t tell you how to determine whether it’s the right time, I can only help you protect yourself until you all feel that time has come.

Same-Sex Marriage in the Garden State

By Stephfon Guidry


Jersey boys grab your tuxedos, wedding gowns, and book the chapel’s because marriage equality is coming soon! Judge Mary Jacobson of Mercer County Supreme Court ruled this past Friday that Same-Sex Marriage is set to happen LEGALLY in the Garden State of New Jersey on October 21st 2013. No longer will Jersey residents need to cross the bridge into Manhattan to tie the knot, they will be able to perform their own nuptials at home.

Judge Jacobson ruled in favor of Same-Sex Marriage after reviewing the United States v. Windsor case. She wrote a 53-page opinionated essay detailing her views on the matter of legalizing same-sex marriage.  “Same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in order to obtain equal protection of the law under the New Jersey Constitution,” said Judge Jacobson to press on Friday.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie publicly opposes same-sex marriage equality on the stance that he is following the will of the voters.  Spokesman Michael Drewniak for Governor Christie commented on the matter saying, “Governor Christie has always maintained that he would abide by the will of the voters on the issue of marriage equality and called for it to be on the ballot this Election Day.” While Governor Christie’s camp gears up to appeal and possibly freeze this ruling, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) seeks to change Gov. Christie’s mind on the matter altogether. Menendez stated, “I am thrilled this court decision now brings us closer to fulfilling our nation’s promise of equality and I urge our governor and state attorney general to accept this ruling and finally give same-sex couples in New Jersey the equal rights they deserve.”

DOMA and more states than ever have developed their views on marriage and love. These political victories for civil rights represent the progressive culture of America. The battle for Same-Sex Marriage and civil liberties is still on going but for the moment it seems Jersey boys can count this a win as they are ready to hear wedding bells.

HC Shots and the Cast of NOSHADE!

By Stephfon Guidry
Photos By Mia Marcus


#YesGawd the cast of NoShade gave me life as they partied with HomoCouture during New York fashion week. My sit down at the bar was both entertaining and uplifting with cast mates: David Bradyn (Noel), Terry Torro (Eric), Donnie DuRight (Kori) and Tamara M. Williams (Danielle). Each member of the cast gave great insight to the ins and outs of creating their ‘dramedy’ of a web series.

HC: Who is the actual writer/ creator of the show?

NS: “Director, Sean Anthony, came up with storyline and the cast knew they wanted to write a show.” David Bradyn detailed, “We knew we were going to write [the show] together. We knew who our characters were and wanted to write a story that was authentic to our experiences. It’s based on true stories, things that have happened and can happen. ”

HC: So you each got to create your characters back stories?

NS: “Yes” Tamara chimed in saying, “As writer/actors we not only add authenticity to the show, but we definitely add a story that hasn’t been told yet.” These untold stories are present in each character on the show. For example, Noel exploring his sexuality in a traditional West Indian household, Danielle’s emotional roller-coaster as she fights for her transgender rights and Kori’s aspiring artists lifestyle while navigating in the “gay family” dynamic. Eric rounds out the group with his bourgeois and promiscuous antics but each member of the NoShade family is definitely a different shade of gay!

HC: Damien Crawford had a cameo on the show; should we expect any more surprise guest stars?

NS: Donnie DuRight replied, “That’s up to Sean. He does his networking and whoever he brings in we always know it’s going to be magic!” Terry Torro let it slip, “There will be a surprise guest for the season finale.” The most they were able to clue me in on were these remarks, “It’s a fab artist that you already live for.”

HC: With serious topics how do you guys keep the show fun?

NS: “Majority of the time we are just having a good time filming the show. Sean keeps us serious when we get a little off—Quiet on Set,” said Donnie DuRight jokingly.

HC: Will the cast stay this tight knit group or are you very Drake #NoNEWfriends?

NS: Terry Torro gave his thoughts, “We would love to have it that way but this is real life you never know what happens.” Donnie DuRight added, “Sean is keeping season 2 very quiet, he slipped telling us that we might add few small characters. But honestly we are just excited to read what story he brings to us to see where the show is going.”

HC: Tamara is Danielle Williams getting a love interest?

NS: “This is real life. I would be very jealous of Danielle if she did. Danielle is first transitioning. When you are going through that time in your life it is about rebirth of yourself,” was Tamara’s heartfelt response. Her powerful testimony and story-line adds depth and visibility to the transgender community–#YASGawd.

The talented cast overwhelmed me with their class, wit, and REALness throughout the entire interview. We chatted about their most memorable and/or fun scenes to shoot. Many hinted that the first episode and the season finale hold that title.

LIKE #NOShade on Facebook, Tumblr and IG/Twitter @Noshadeseries to get your LIFE! For the latest updates or to catch up on the Latest Episodes Check Out their YouTube Channel. Get into the Photos of the Creator and Cast Members at the HomoCouture.Com Fashion Week Event in NYC!




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What’s next for the Show/Cast? No Shade is going from the Big Apple to the Lone Star State for Dallas DFW Pride Event October 3-7. Their country chic promo gave me everything so give it a look here:

New Music Video: J. Cole “Crooked Smile”

By Stephfon Guidry

J.Cole-Crooked-SmileJ. Cole’s “Crooked Smile” is a sit down and listen track with a video that demands attention from his “Born Sinner” album. J. Cole spits out storytelling lyrics detailing a tale of two fathers. He portrays a father preparing for his daughter’s birthday as another featured actor is playing Cop. It is in their clash that everything in the story gets gritty and real. J.Cole’s music video visually depicts this hard knock life of being a family man and getting caught up. The bullet has no name or age limit which is so true to current events. Gun violence is present everywhere in America as the video states and it is no longer a random happenstance.

“Crooked Smile” is bursting with lyrics all about self-love and embracing your flaws. TLC is a perfect fit for the chorus to the track for this uplifting single. J. Cole pairs emotional lyrics with deep imagery. The dedication is clear and painfully beautiful for Aiyana Stanley-Jones, a 7 year-old victim to gun violence in a police raid. Take a few moments and let “Crooked Smile” lyrically bring a smile to your face then visually bring tears to your eyes.

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Miley Cyrus Breaks the Mold in “Wrecking Ball” Music Video

By Stephfon Guidry


Red lipstick, Doc Martens, a T-Shirt and panties on the “Wrecking Ball” music video demolishes Miley Cyrus’s All American pop persona. The song is packed with vulnerable lyrics leaving her emotions naked to your ears and eyes.  She takes the video to the edge with raunchy sexual visuals and tattoos. Grinding a wrecking ball, destroying cement walls or almost giving a sledgehammer fellatio Miley Cyrus’s video is a middle finger to her haters.

Miley Cyrus rocks out in “Wrecking Ball” without a care for any of her recent press about her ethics or moral character. Miley Cyrus gives an unapologetic video in lieu of her recent MTV music awards nude twerking debacle. Her tongue wagged for all to see in sighting horrified faces from the Smiths and unbothered expressions from the Barbadian bad gal Rihanna herself. It all boils down to one question does sex sell? Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” music video is borderline sex-tape or just enough with this girl who can’t be tamed!

New York Fashion Week Menswear Pick – Tim Coppens

By Melvin Browne

Balgian Designer hit the New York Fashion Week scene with his renewed and remarkable spring 2014 Collection. I personally am a huge fan of fashions that form outside of the ‘normal’ boxy male shape and Coppens definitely interjects that trend. Times are definitely changing and most males in fashion can appreciate menswear that is inventive but yet still wearable. Tim Coppens use of leather is amazing, the mix of color blocking is genius and the skin exposure will definitely have the bois on trend for spring 2013. Get into Tim Coppens Spring 2014 Collection Below.




Should I Stay or Should I Go

By Jon Puché 


Relationships are supposed to be a beautiful thing. They could either go really RIGHT or really WRONG. A great relationship could blossom into an amazing union or even a corrupt relationship… well you get my drift.

Despite our own personal situations, I think we could all agree that relationships start out on a good foot. You go on dates, he treats you well, he buys you gifts, you all vibe really nicely and it seems like things are going exactly the way they should. Further down the road, something happens and you begin to question. You question your judgment and the relationship. You begin to wonder if you or your present predicament means anything to him.

Truth be told, the guy becomes a total douche bag.

He gets obnoxiously comfortable and begins to show his true character and you just don’t understand why you never noticed this side of him before you made it official. He begins to show no interest in the relationship and it puzzles you. His lack of concern for you and your feelings becomes overwhelmingly obvious and you ask yourself, “Has he done enough in this relationship to make me stay or should I leave?”

In my opinion, YES. You should leave and here is why.

First of all, if you have ever had to question whether you should leave the relationship then that is enough reason for you to leave. “You should never be in a relationship questioning the relationship”. A relationship should be a mutual agreement between yourself and your partner that if anything becomes a situation or makes either you feel some type of way, that you all have the right to address it without judgment.

A one sided relationship is not a relationship at all. You should be able to communicate your feelings without feeling persecuted for them. Real shit, there are men out there that have no intention on being the man you need them to be and they are just fine with that and sex is typically their motivation. They enter in these types of long-term relationships without ever intending to put in the work to keep it fresh. They cheat, they lie, they hurt you and you are always to blame, that’s no way to live especially in a relationship.

Seeking sexual or mental stimulation outside of your relationship, lying to your partner or any other type of betrayal is totally unacceptable and should not be tolerated. I find that guys who entertain these types of relationships where they are continuously getting the “shitty” end of the stick usually do so because of convenience. They spend a lot of their relationship suspecting that their partner is cheating or lying but don’t have the nerve to address it and that usually because they don’t want to be alone. Some people like the idea of a relationship so much that they would sacrifice their own happiness just to be in one.

Let’s make one thing clear, “If you suspect he’s cheating or lying then he’s cheating AND lying”. End of story!

A relationship is defined by the personal and moral values of each individual cohesively merging together and creating an unbreakable bond. That bond is held together, for however long, with trust. “If you cannot trust your man to be your man then why keep him as your man”. Don’t accept mediocrity because it doesn’t work in your favor, your usually the one who gets hurt in the end and it’s not only because of something he did or how he made you feel but it’s also because you settled.