House of Versace

By Jon Puché


The House of Versace, a Lifetime movie docudrama starring Enrico Colantoni and Gina Gershon, is a supposed true depiction of how the fashion power house persevered through tragedy and turmoil after losing its head designer and creator Gianni Versace to murder and bounced back as one of the world’s largest and most successful fashion labels of our time. The movie, even though a lot less extravagant and editorial as we would have expected, was very interesting and eye-opening. It brought you into the head space of Fashion Icon Donatella Versace and how she dealt with the overwhelming changes in her life from her brother’s murder, the demands of the fashion world, to her addiction to cocaine, her divorce and facing bankruptcy. Despite the lack of effort and money put into production on this project, Gina delivered an amazing performance as Donatella.

“What the movie didn’t give you in opulence; Gina Gershon gave you in character”. She slayed!

Screen-Shot-2013-09-25-at-10.22.15The famous bleach-blonde wig and deep voiced Italian accent only made Gershon more believable. The fashion shows and photo shoots throughout the movie were not the Versace we all know and love but it gave you a great inside look at how the Versace Family worked to keep the dream of Gianni alive. There are many points in the movie where you “GET YOUR LIFE”, especially the scene when Donatella and Versace’s CEO, Santo, are meeting with their creditors and she says to one of them, “If you are going to put me on a tight leash it better be diamond-studded or you can kiss my ass.”, I gagged!  If you are expecting to get the glitz and glam of the early-mid 90’s, when Versace was in its prime, then it’s not the movie for you but if you want to see how a family torn by murder, jealousy, divorce and drugs triumph and make a DAMN good come back, then this is your movie.

The movie aired on Lifetime Network on Saturday at 8pm and will be in encore viewings throughout the week (Be sure to check your local listings). You can also check it out on

HC Shots and the Cast of NOSHADE!

By Stephfon Guidry
Photos By Mia Marcus


#YesGawd the cast of NoShade gave me life as they partied with HomoCouture during New York fashion week. My sit down at the bar was both entertaining and uplifting with cast mates: David Bradyn (Noel), Terry Torro (Eric), Donnie DuRight (Kori) and Tamara M. Williams (Danielle). Each member of the cast gave great insight to the ins and outs of creating their ‘dramedy’ of a web series.

HC: Who is the actual writer/ creator of the show?

NS: “Director, Sean Anthony, came up with storyline and the cast knew they wanted to write a show.” David Bradyn detailed, “We knew we were going to write [the show] together. We knew who our characters were and wanted to write a story that was authentic to our experiences. It’s based on true stories, things that have happened and can happen. ”

HC: So you each got to create your characters back stories?

NS: “Yes” Tamara chimed in saying, “As writer/actors we not only add authenticity to the show, but we definitely add a story that hasn’t been told yet.” These untold stories are present in each character on the show. For example, Noel exploring his sexuality in a traditional West Indian household, Danielle’s emotional roller-coaster as she fights for her transgender rights and Kori’s aspiring artists lifestyle while navigating in the “gay family” dynamic. Eric rounds out the group with his bourgeois and promiscuous antics but each member of the NoShade family is definitely a different shade of gay!

HC: Damien Crawford had a cameo on the show; should we expect any more surprise guest stars?

NS: Donnie DuRight replied, “That’s up to Sean. He does his networking and whoever he brings in we always know it’s going to be magic!” Terry Torro let it slip, “There will be a surprise guest for the season finale.” The most they were able to clue me in on were these remarks, “It’s a fab artist that you already live for.”

HC: With serious topics how do you guys keep the show fun?

NS: “Majority of the time we are just having a good time filming the show. Sean keeps us serious when we get a little off—Quiet on Set,” said Donnie DuRight jokingly.

HC: Will the cast stay this tight knit group or are you very Drake #NoNEWfriends?

NS: Terry Torro gave his thoughts, “We would love to have it that way but this is real life you never know what happens.” Donnie DuRight added, “Sean is keeping season 2 very quiet, he slipped telling us that we might add few small characters. But honestly we are just excited to read what story he brings to us to see where the show is going.”

HC: Tamara is Danielle Williams getting a love interest?

NS: “This is real life. I would be very jealous of Danielle if she did. Danielle is first transitioning. When you are going through that time in your life it is about rebirth of yourself,” was Tamara’s heartfelt response. Her powerful testimony and story-line adds depth and visibility to the transgender community–#YASGawd.

The talented cast overwhelmed me with their class, wit, and REALness throughout the entire interview. We chatted about their most memorable and/or fun scenes to shoot. Many hinted that the first episode and the season finale hold that title.

LIKE #NOShade on Facebook, Tumblr and IG/Twitter @Noshadeseries to get your LIFE! For the latest updates or to catch up on the Latest Episodes Check Out their YouTube Channel. Get into the Photos of the Creator and Cast Members at the HomoCouture.Com Fashion Week Event in NYC!




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What’s next for the Show/Cast? No Shade is going from the Big Apple to the Lone Star State for Dallas DFW Pride Event October 3-7. Their country chic promo gave me everything so give it a look here:

HC Approved! Hit Drama Series FREEFALL

By Melvin Browne

media1It gets really busy over here at HomoCouture and I’m sorry guys but I did know about this hit new drama series for a few weeks now. However, better late than never FREEFALL is doing well and needs the help and support of our community for a season 2! I am all down for it, definitely VERY interesting and not to mention the cast is kinda fine lol! The Atlanta-based series FREEFALL was created by award-winning filmmaker Lamont Pierré and produced by Band of Artists. Think… quality production… meets dramatic story-line…. meets ATL eye candy, what else could you possibly as for??

I don’t want to give it all way, so get into the FREEFALL synopsis, midseason trailer and catch up on episodes 1-6 ASAP! Follow FREEFALL on Facebook and Twitter + Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for new episodes and updates. To donate to the FREEFALL Series Click Here… Enjoy!

FREEFALL chronicles the lives of roommates Xavier (Shamon Glapsy), Cameron (Jody Fulton), and Nico (DeAndre Lemans) as they navigate a complicated living situation. For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined by their sexuality. One by one the friends are pulled into the dark side of Atlanta life and must fight to stay afloat and keep their personal relationships from taking them under — before the streets do.

Additional Cast Includes: Chad (Jovanni Colon), Tony (Alonzo Fri’zon), Oliver (J.Troy Richardson), and Ray (Toni Bernard).

“FREEFALL came on the heels of me promoting my feature film debut TALKING WITH THE TAXMAN ABOUT POETRY which stars Vanessa Simmons and Steph Jones,” says director Lamont Pierré. “I wanted to do something different. And I think our fans attached themselves to our series because we are unapologetically different and committed to diversifying the images of Black gay men in media.”  – Lamont Pierré







**For those of you Atlanta residents and people travelling to ATL for Labor Day Weekend Pride. FREEFALL will actually be hosting a Red Carpet Premiere Screening of the Season’s Finale Episodes. The screening will feature a Q&A/Meet with cast and crew and tickets are only $10. Probably will be your best spent Hamilton the whole weekend lol!.

Sunday, September 1, 2013 from noon – 2pm
@Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema (931 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308)


Are You In with the “Out Crowd”

By Stephfon Guidry

993359_484311801663908_1380485262_nThe “Out Crowd” presents us with Marshall, the main character and the average bodied guy with a heart of gold. His motley crew includes Rayquan (Hezekiah White) his Gay-ru/cousin who is a bit of a… I’m just going to say I “HO”, and Lena (Maribel Martinez) his good judy who always keeps it real.

The comedy opens up with Marshall receiving the most dramatic and drawn out dumping of his gay life while his boyfriend (Travis Demetri of ADTV) is orating the house down.  The ke behind this scene is fueled by the boyfriends drawn out theatrical speech and then seeing Marshall’s mute reaction. The Episode may only be 7 minutes long but it definitely grips you with laughs and quick-witted humor. Marshall’s authenticity leads you to understand that he is “not about that life” and ironically not IN with the “Out Crowd”

The “Out Crowd” is a welcome departure from the same cute faces, hot bodies, and tired read sessions that other shows rely on for viewers. This new comedy definitely stands out on its own. The writing of Executive Producer Liki Wright who plays Marshall, outs his cinematography on an industry level high enough to score mainstream attention. The Out Crowd is definitely sparking attention because it delivers comedy into a lifestyle that only we truly understand. Don’t act like you don’t see some of yourself in these characters! Open your eyes and subscribe to “The Out Crowd” and Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for the latest episodes an updates. Enjoy!



Oprah’s Next Chapter with Lindsay Lohan

By Che Ereku

lindsay-lohan-oprahs-next-chapter-promo“I am my worst enemy,” replied Lindsay Lohan to Oprah Winfrey during their sit down therapeutic session of Winfrey’s hit Prime-time series on OWN, “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” Although, at first I did not know what to think about Lohan and this interview, but after seeing the promo clip I can say that I am feeling RESURRECTED! Did you all not notice how snatched Lohan’s ensemble looked? I’m talking about hair slicked back into a sophisticated ponytail that complemented the koi (orange) dress she had on, and she topped it off with what looked like some polka dot pumps to add some balance to the overall look. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I died!”

Okay, now back to Winfrey and Lohan’s most anticipated interview. The preview did not give too much insight on what to expect on this episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” but by the interviewee alone, you know it’s going to be one of Winfrey’s highest rated episodes! Luckily, for any Lohan supporter or just observer, this interview is just a prelude of what is to come, since Winfrey will be broadcasting an eight part documentary series based on Lohan’s recovery after rehab which is set to air sometime in 2014.

Oprah’s Next Chapter with Lindsay Lohan airs this Sunday, August 18th at 9pm on OWN.

Will you be watching? You know I will be!

GAME ON! Basketball Wives Season 5

By Che Ereku

basketball-wives-season-5-iamsupergorgeSo, just when you thought this show was buried six feet under, it has risen again like Jesus Christ on an Easter Sunday! The “wives” aka “exes” are back at it with new drama, new faces, new hair color (YES, I SEE YOU MISS EVELYN!) and of course NO NEW ATTITUDE! Although the trailer was about four minutes long, it was enough for the viewer to get an idea of what to expect from this season of BBW (side, it did not seem like they were in Miami, so I am guessing they moved it to New York).

This season of BBW welcomes new real basketball wife, LaTasha Marbury, who is married to Beijing Ducks player, Stephon Marbury. By the look of her edits in the trailer, she is going to be a LIVE ONE! I hope LaTasha brings the drama and attitude that we love to see from our reality stars, just hold putting the paws on anyone!

Furthermore, the main BBW veterans, Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and Suzie are still on the show in hopes of saving whatever ratings they have left. After the bullying that occurred last season, I am pretty sure the producers tried their best to edit out majority of the drama or possibly had a talk with Tami and Evelyn about toning it down for the sake of their children watching and America.

Speaking of the veterans, it seems like the tables has turned and Miss Shaunie is in the middle of the drama with Tami. I am looking forward to how that panes out! As for Suzie, oh LAWD, please stop renewing her contract! I absolutely loved her in the first season, then I pitied her in the second season when Evelyn stopped talking to her, now this season I do not want to even see her! I believe she has too much going on in her main circle to participate on a reality show. I thought she was running the party scene in Miami, at least that what it seemed like in the first season, so how does she have time to do a television show? Hmm, I will love an answer Suzie!

Also, I will like to add that I am rooting for Tami to seek out help. Tami seems like a real genuine person who, dare I say it, can help out a lot of women but that attitude that she has will not progress her to the next level where she should be. My fingers are crossed that Tami does not go off on any of the cast members this season. I watched interviews where Tami and Evelyn talked about changing and showing a more positive image of themselves on BBW and I hope they will do just that this season.

Basketball Wives Season 5 airs on August 19th on VH1 at 8pm!



Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion!

By Che Ereku

screen-shot-2013-08-06-at-10-20-00-amThis season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta left viewers widely entertained, confused, appalled and did I mentioned, entertained? So, again our favorite producer, Mona Scott-Young hosted the 2nd annual Atlanta reunion special and she left no stone unturned! Here is a quick summation of the interesting and important highlights of the night.

First things first, we have to get rid of Traci and Drew. PLEASE MONA DON’T RENEW THEIR CONTRACTS! These two literally do not have any drama worth tuning in for every Monday night, unless they are on couples therapy.

Secondly, Scrappy and Erica just need to let go and let (you know who) handle their situation. I believe when a relationship has been tarnished it can no longer be repaired. I understand that for the sake of their beautiful daughter together, Scrappy and Erica would want to raise her in a two parent home, but you cannot force a relationship if the “care” for that significant other is no longer believable. Noticed I said “care” and not “love.” We all know that Scrappy and Erica love one another, but simply put, Scrappy does not care for Erica’s feelings. If he did, Scrappy would not have cheated on her like he had in the past. Furthermore, these two will be better off just co-parenting and re-establishing their friendship with one another. Oh and a “Che Sidebar,” why is Shay on the show? Am I the only one tired of seeing her talk only about Scrappy and Erica? Do not get me wrong, I am all about individuals using a platform to establish potential business ventures, etc., but come on! I will be much more interested in Shay, the person, who has some other story-line besides Scrappy. I think Shay needs to get Mona Scott on the line and ask Mona to make some changes in her contract…well, she is not really a cast member, so I guess she might have to just shoot her an email and pray that it does not go to SPAM! YES, I TRIED IT!

Thirdly, Kirk and Rasheeda need to get a divorce. Yes, I said it! No man should ever disrespect his wife, especially on national television. Their children are watching this type of behavior and are possibly getting ridiculed on social media and at school. I hope that their contracts are not renewed because there is nothing left for them to give to America after Kirk sold his soul for three minutes of air time!

Next, there is K. Michelle, who surprisingly did not get grilled as much as I thought she would have but I guess there was a talk between her people and the producers of the show about not rehashing the past. I see you K! New team, new attitude and hopefully a better career journey too! Remember, you are a star now so you don’t have to put the paws on everyone. Just get your security guards to escort them, “to the left, to the left,” while you do a “Wonder Woman” move and switch to another gorgeous wig!

Lastly, I have to discuss my favorite three-some couple. Yes, Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline. I firmly believe that Mimi is so over Stevie J and is happy that he is Joseline’s responsibility now. I have this feeling that Mimi and Joseline might become cordial with one another in the near future. Joseline seems like a lot of fun to be around, especially when she was at K. Michelle’s going away dinner, so I am pretty sure that Mimi will take a liking to her…I hope!

Overall, oh I forgot Benzino and Karlie Red…well, I want to forget Karlie but Benzino I actually liked this season. There is something about him that makes him an interesting cast member. Is it just me, or does Benzino seems like a very genuine and sincere person? Hmm, I am watching out for Benzino. I think he is the only stable one out of all the men in the cast.

Okay, so my overall conclusion of this season’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion is…I can’t wait for Love & Hip Hop New York, or should I say New Jersey, to return! After watching this reunion, I realized that they did not bring the drama that I, and possible viewers, expected. Unlike Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop: NY left all of us anticipating what is going to happen between Joe Budden and Consequence next season. I hope they are filming as I am typing this!

So, if I had to rate this reunion special, I will give it “4’s across the board.” Come on Mona Scott, you know exactly what your viewers expect out of your reunions. Next time, I want to see “50 shades of weaves” on the floor not a graceful exit!



Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Finale

By Che Ereku

LHHAnd just when you thought there was no light at the end of the Atlanta tunnel…the Love & Hip Hop Season 2: Atlanta finale finally aired tonight at 8pm on VH1.

For the record, HC readers, please do not get the wrong idea. I absolutely LOVED this season of Love & Hip Hop! The cast and definitely Mona Scott-Young gave me my Monday night “fix” of drama that I needed in order to snap back into reality and realize that my life is pretty TERRIFIC and drama-free! But, I really want to see the reunion special because I know it is going to be the best one yet! So here is my interpretation of my favorite highlights of the GAGA…

Let’s start with the main drama, Kirk and Rasheeda. OMGosh, I am so happy that Rasheeda is moving forward with the separation, well at least that’s what it appeared to be on the show. Kirk definitely proved to the country that anyone will sell their soul for $1. Furthermore, Kirk came across as a disgusting, trifling and disloyal husband. I still can not believe he thought he had a “pass” to have sex, kiss or do whatever with other women. I hope Rasheeda moves on with her life and excludes him out of it!

MOVING ON…Erica gave back the engagement ring to Lil’ Scrappy while visiting him at the rehabilitation center for his weed problems—SMH—these two need to just move on from one another and keep it platonic for the sake of their well-being and for their lovely daughter.

FINALLY…I have to save the best for last. Joseline proposed to Stevie J while in Puerto Rico shooting her music video. Of course the word got back to Mimi, but she can obviously care less about who Stevie J is either dating or doing with his life. My favorite part had to be when Stevie J asked Joseline and Mimi to meet with him because he had some special announcement to tell them. In a nutshell, Stevie J did not ask Joseline to marry him–Stevie J only agreed to move forward with this “life partner thing.” That is not a marriage proposal at all, but we get what you were trying to say Mr. J. Anyways, Joseline of course looked confused because she was wondering why Stevie invited Mimi. Even though it was suppose to be a happy moment for Joseline, that all came to an end as soon as Stevie approached Mimi with a ring of his own. LOL and ROTFL! Joseline stormed out and Mimi started to crack up with laughter. Next thing you know, Joseline began hitting and fighting Stevie J inside the elevator—(I wondered if they reached capacity with all those security guards and cameramen inside that small elevator). Poor Joseline! Mimi most definitely had the last laugh of the season!

Overall, I can not wait for the two-part reunion special airing next week Monday at 8pm on VH1.  The producers of the show have been really “hush hush” about everything so I will be tuning in for the extended drama, will you?




Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle Reunion

By Che Ereku

bgc-all-star-battle-reunionThis past Tuesday the Oxygen network wrapped up their first season of the “Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle” two-part reunion special, and with all honesty the drama could of be avoided!

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the show, “BGC All Star Battle” is the fourth spin-off show of the “Bad Girls Club,” and is a reality competition programming that stars fourteen past “Bad Girls” all living in one house for a chance to compete for $100,000 and the title of, “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.” In a nutshell, the winner of the competition was Jenn from Season 10: Atlanta.

Now that you are all caught up, let’s get down to the real “tea.” As I briefly stated at the beginning of this article, the drama that occurred at the reunion could have all been avoided if Flo just acted her age and remained “lady-like” to the best of her capabilities. Flo is a mother of a young little girl but by the way she carried herself in such a boisterous behavior, she could of fooled anyone.

There was a moment that the audience as well as the viewers at home witnessed how mentally unstable, cowardly and childish Flo can behave when the winner Jenn, was brought out onto the couch to discuss the reason why she chose to eliminate Natalie Nunn from the competition. It was so embarrassing for me to watch because Flo was definitely one of my favorites on her season, which included Natalie, but my views about Flo all changed after I saw how she conducted herself at her season’s reunion special and at the “BGC All-Star Battle Reunion.” During the episode of the “All-Star Battle,” Flo approached Jenn and told her that she was going to throw the challenge in order for Jenn to win, which will give her the power to put Natalie up for elimination and eventually send her home.

236653_1Now, this is of course a great master plan for anyone who is trying to save their behind in order to solidify their spot in the finals, but as a “bad girl” this conniving plan just made Flo look absolutely weak! Furthermore, Flo even sat there while the clip was shown and told Jenn and the audience that she had nothing to do with Natalie’s elimination and that it was basically all Jenn’s idea. Sorry Flo, but if you’re going to constantly say to America that you are the realest and the baddest one of the “Bad Girls” franchise, then you should definitely own up to your cowardly behavior of manipulation and tell your friend, Natalie, that you simply did not think she deserved the money as much as you did and that you had no choice but to throw her under the bus to save your rear-end!

In conclusion, Flo you need to seriously hang up this “Bad Girl” image that you so desperately want to portray–it’s evident that you still want people to fear you but in all reality your tantrums and antics comes off looking like “Bobo the Clown”–and THAT is a reality that you will never shake and is something that your daughter will have to live with. Remember, your reputation always precedes you!

Che’s Side Bar: Natalie Nunn Edition

For some reason I’ve noticed a difference in Natalie’s demeanor at the reunion for the “BGC All-Star Battle.” Natalie had this expression on her face like she was just exhausted from the drama that occurred in the house and now the drama reoccurring onstage at the reunion. I pondered to myself the question, is Natalie done with all this “Bad Girls Club” mess? Hmm…I hope so! It is just an observation that I felt like I needed to share with the viewers of HomoCouture.





The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards 2013 Nominations

By Che Ereku


The complete list of nominees for the 2013 Emmy Awards have been announced! The Emmy Awards acknowledges brilliance in the American television industry. A great big “congrats” are in order for the Netflix hit series, “House of Cards”, which made history by being the first online series to be nominated for a prestigious award that only recognizes programs on television. The most earned television series with a total of 17 nominations is “American Horror Story: Asylum”–we know they are somewhere in Hollywood chest bumping one another while sipping their Veuve Clicquot out of expensive champagne glasses. Of course, my “SCANDAL-icious QUEEN”, Kerry Washington has been nominated–I wonder what President Fitz is thinking about doing to her if she wins, (turns on AC because it’s about to get hot in here!).

Don’t forget to tune in SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd at 8pm on CBS to see which of your favorite stars and television show takes home an Emmy. Click Here for the complete list of nominations.


Vera Farmiga – “Bates Motel”

Michelle Dockery – “Downtown Abbey”

Claire Danes – “Homeland”

Robin Wright – “House of Cards”

Elisabeth Moss – “Mad Men”

Connie Britton – “Nashville”

Kerry Washington – “Scandal”


Bryan Cranston – “Breaking Bad”

Hugh Bonneville – “Downtown Abbey”

Damian Lewis – “Homeland”

Kevin Spacey – “House of Cards”

Jon Hamm – “Mad Men”

Jeff Daniels – “The Newsroom”


Anna Gunn – “Breaking Bad”

Maggie Smith – “Downtown Abbey”

Emilia Clarke – “Game of Thrones”

Morena Baccarin – “Homeland”

Christina Hendricks – “Mad Men”

Christine Baranski – “The Good Wife”


Bobby Cannavale – “Boardwalk Empire”

Jonathan Banks – “Breaking Bad”

Aaron Paul – “Breaking Bad”

Jim Carter – “Downtown Abbey”

Peter Dinklage – “Game of Thrones”

Mandy Patinkin – “Homeland”


“Breaking Bad”

“Downtown Abbey”

“Game of Thrones”


“House of Cards”

“Mad Men”

“Summers Hottest Ladies of Daytime Talk”

By Che Ereku

This past Monday was the start of two summer test runs for daytime talk shows, “Kris” and “The Real”. Both talk shows aired on FOX, “Kris” at 11am and “The Real” at 12pm–can you say, set-up or set-down? Only time will tell…or in this case, ratings, because there is so much current events that needs to be addressed and it will become redundant if both shows talk about the same things. Hopefully, each show will bring its own personality and concept to daytime television–-LORD KNOWS THEY HAVE THEIR WORK CUT OUT FOR THEM BECAUSE WENDY WILLIAMS IS SNATCHING WIGS—no synthetics over here!

“The Real”

img_6940-e1373948137687Today on “The Real”, hosts Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeanne Mai and Adrienne Bailon addressed the issues of what black people don’t do, Lindsay Lohan and her $2 million dollar documentary series that Oprah is co-signing and polygamy with special guest, Kody Brown and his wives from the TLC series, “Sister Wives.”

Some of the highlights that I enjoyed was when Adrienne Bailon spoke candidly about how she washes her intimates. The four other hosts looked at Bailon as if she was speaking in a tongues, but in her defense washing your intimates while you take a shower is not unusual.

For instance, while I attended the University at Albany in 2010 my roommate and now close friend, a Dominican young lady, looked at my body sponge that I use to take showers with like a deer in headlights. Of course, I sized her up and asked if there was a problem–we have a certain way of talking to one another…it’s all love–and she proceeded to tell me what she was thinking. How she was raised, in particular when taking a bath/shower, she is supposed to wash and use her panties as a wash cloth. Now, I am not ignorant so I immediately understood where she was coming from since we are both for different cultural backgrounds.

Another topic that these beautiful ladies discussed was of course Lindsay Lohan and her $2 million dollar paycheck that she will be receiving from Oprah’s OWN Network for exposing–YES, I SAID “EXPOSING”,– her everyday life on national television. Everyone’s views were pretty much the same as mine, basically that Oprah has a reason as to why she chose Lohan out of all people to have a documentary on OWN.

Oprah, even you have some explaining to do to the people of the United States of America! I will be tuning in to the promo interviews in hopes that you will explain this left-field decision on a person who clearly does not give “TWO YACHTS & A PRIVATE JET” about her career and her personal-public life choices!

Lastly, their special guest was Kody Brown and his wives from the TLC series, “Sister Wives”. I never seen this show, but by the looks of it, TLC loves filling up their time slots with just anyone! The wives discussed being romantic with Brown and being jealous of his time spent with the other wives on the show. Basically, the same issues that will most likely come up in a polygamist relationship, so nothing exciting that caught my attention. To be honest, the topic of polygamy in my opinion is a little bit dated. Again, nothing new under the sun.

Now, if TLC was to have a show about couples living and involved in the BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism and masochism) community. Now THAT will be an exciting show to watch!

Overall, “The Real” is off to a great start! The ladies seem very comfortable with one another, which is the key element of having more than one host on the show. Just as long as they keep their egos in check, since all the ladies are successful in their own right outside of the talk show, there can possible be a great new hip talk show on the horizon. “The Real” airs weekdays at 12pm on FOX.

“The Kris Jenner Show”

maxresdefaultEver watched paint dry on a cloudy day? Well, I should have braced myself because that is exactly what I felt while watching the premiere episode of the “Kris Jenner Show.” GIVE US MORE KRIS JENNER and not of KIMYE–at least not for your first episode! I know you are capable of doing so much better!

As I tuned in to see the beautiful Kris Jenner begin a new chapter in her life in front of daytime audience, I could not help but to notice how uncomfortable and nervous she looked. Jenner is a “reality” star and is DEFINITELY no stranger to the cameras, so I was shocked when she announced having a co-host, Cameron Mathison, on for her premiere episode. I immediately asked myself, “Is she afraid to stand alone?” After all, the show is called “Kris” not “Kris & Co,” and “Is Mathison looking for a job?”  I only ask because he is clearly trying to take over the show. I mean did he not get the memo that “co-host” is short for “COOPERATING WITH THE HOST!”

Just when you thought it could not get any more awkward, Jenner had to mention her “LIFE SIZED AMERICAN EXPRESS BLACK CARD” aka “Kim Kardashian” to reel in the viewers at home for at least the introduction segment of her show–she definitely had me glued to the television screen sipping my coffee though! Does this come as a surprise? Of course not! Everyone knew she was going to talk about Kim’s newborn, North West, and Kanye West–for us urban folks– but I did not think she was going to spill the beans, or in her expensive taste, “the caviar,” so soon, I’m talking about just 3-4 minutes into the show…which ended up lasting about two segments, and if you ask me, that’s just too long to talk about KIMYE! Not to mention the obvious prep talk that Kris and the producers of the show had with co-host of the day, Mathison, about asking Kris questions about how she was able to get Kim to the hospital without the paparazzi noticing. Why does he care? Didn’t he have enough drama while he was on “All My Children?” – Just saying!

Overall, I believe Jenner does have potential as a talk show host. For starters, she has an unbelievable great speaking voice, very easy on the eye and she also has this charismatic spirit about her–you see it in her eyes! BUT she and her production team really need to go back to the drawing board and figure out their target audience. As of right now, I really do not know who she is catering to. If Jenner is going to continue on talking about KIMYE’s relationship for the remaining of the summer test run of her talk show, then she is going to sink! Critics already predicted that Jenner was going to talk about Kim and her granddaughter, North, on the first episode and she proved them right. One thing that I miss from the entertainment industry is the “unforeseeable nature” that had people on the edge of their seats. The notion of not knowing what is going to come. Kris Jenner just needs to relax and understand that she does not need such a grand stage to talk to viewers, all she needs is great topics/issues that is affecting her target audience/herself. Jenner will find that she is more relatable that way as oppose to constantly shoving her family down our throats. You got this Jenner! Don’t let such a great platform and opportunity go to waste! The “Kris Jenner Show” comes on weekdays at 11am on FOX.

Let True Love Live? or Were We Just “CATFISHED”?

By Che Ereku

f30c7c3a531ee3b89e990de0a90a3b3d-11731-512-341The fourth episode of “Catfish” season 2 aired last night on MTV, 10 pm, which starred Lauren and her online beau, Derek. Lauren has been talking to Derek since she was fourteen years-old and surprisingly their lives with one another carried onto an eight year online relationship. Since Lauren lives in Tyler, TX and with Derek living in Baltimore, MD, seeing one another face to face has been an ongoing conversation throughout their relationship. Luckily, the creators of the show “Catfish,” Nev and Max, decided to document her journey on meeting the love of her life.

While Nev and Max investigated this “too good to be true” lover man aka Derek, whom Lauren has fallen head over heels for, they have a hard time finding any discrepancies in his photos and on his Facebook page. Unfortunately for Lauren, just when you think Nev and Max exhausted all of their options in trying to find something wrong with Mr. Right, they looked up his phone number.

This is the part I LIVE for!

Okay, so Nev and Max discover that the phone number, which belongs to Derek, was registered to an African-American middle-aged man by the name of R. Levourne. This Levourne character has about twenty kids–okay I’m exaggerating–but he has a few children and is married! Yes, married–but that’s not even the best part! Naturally, when confronted with the evidence Lauren does not believe it and still feels in her heart that the person she spoke to on the phone for eight years and who she sees in the pictures is indeed Derek.

935883_533330853379648_732050494_nFast-forward to the moment when Lauren is about to ring Derek’s doorbell at his Maryland home, all I could think is, “CATFISH IS ABOUT TO GET REAL! WE KNOW DEREK IS A BLACK MAN BY THE NAME OF R. LEVOURNE AND HE HAS BEEN TALKING TO HER SINCE SHE WAS FOURTEEN AND NOW HE IS GOING TO BE EXPOSED AS A PEDOPHILE!” (Pulls out my iPhone 5 because I am about to record this moment so I can upload it onto Instagram.) So, “Derek” opens the door and guess what?! IT’S DEREK! It’s actually Derek. The person who Lauren believed that she has been talking to for eight years. I know…I know…let true love live, right?

Uh, wrong! This is not what “Catfish” is all about! You don’t watch “Catfish” to see if these online romantics are real. You watch to see who is a female while portraying a male, who is ugly while portraying to be this hot model and who is not “athletically-fit” and etc.

Overall, I’m happy that Lauren and Derek finally met up and realized that it is true love that they found with one another. But as far as my “reality happiness” goes, I was left unsatisfied. If I had to rate this “Catfish” episode out of “10s across the board” this will be a negative 8…I’m just teasing! I give this episode a 5, since Lauren did finally meet her Prince Charming and that is what her reality was all about!


Finding ME: The Series – Part One Season Finale Premiere

By Melvin Browne
Photography By Taj Washington

finding-me-the-series-nameTomorrow Evening is a big Night for Finding Me Creator Roger Omeus, Jr. After premiering the Part 1 Season Finale of Finding Me: The Series last week in Harlem, they will now be revealing it to the world tomorrow at 8pm on their YouTube Channel. Check out the Finding Me: Series Trailer and Photos from the Harlem Screening. Latest updates Available on their Facebook Page and Official Website.