#FNO Fashion’s Night Out 2011

By Ibrahim Malik

(FNO) Fashion’s Night Out is fashion’s biggest global party,celebrated by all. Whether you’re a Designer, stylist, celebrity, fashion editor or just a everyday shopper, everyone comes together to celebrate FASHION in all its essence. Essentially FNO is the ULTIMATE shopping experience. American Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour detailed that in 2009 FNO was created to “celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, and boost the industry’s economy during the recession”.

My FNO journey began in the Heart of Couture AKA 5th Avenue in NYC. My 1st stop was to see what Karl Lagerfeld was up to over at Fendi and with no disappointments, I enjoyed myself immensely. Like most of the Designers and Retailers that I visited, champagne, cocktails and wine flowed freely, accompanied with Live DJ’s playing the hottest music. The mass crowds took in the Fall 2011 Collections while schmoozing with the many Fashionista’s and Fashion Victims alike.

Fifth Avenue boasted fashions from Fendi, Gant, Ermenegildo Zegna, Diesel, Zara, Elizabeth Arden and Escada. During my tour of 5th Avenue I caught up with upcoming Designer Edixon Valdez and he is launching his S/S 12 Collections on September 14th. So check him out at

Soon after me and a fellow HC contributor Stephfon Guidry headed downtown to the infamous SoHo. The essence of FNO extended past store doors. The city subways were flooded with Fashionista’s, during our ride downtown we met several aspiring designers and stylists and students from the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons. SoHo was a colossal block party. It was literally a street Fashion Show where everyone exposed their personal style and fashions without remorse. I visited Designers and Retailers such as Paul Smith London, Ralph Lauren, Mont Blanc, Jill Stuart, Bloomingdale’s, H&M, Guess by Marciano, & Ben Sherman. It was an amazing night of fashion, cocktails and celebration, and I wish everyone a Happy Fashion Week!


For information on Fashion’s Night Out or New York Fashion Week, click the links to their Official Websites.


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S/S Menswear Collection Report: Marc Jacobs

By Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Marc Jacobs (Mens)
Designer: Marc Jacobs
Season: Spring/Summer 2011

Is it a cliché to call Marc Jacobs the arbiter of cool? Yes, perhaps, but we don’t mind, because he has done it again, this time in a subdued, but no less effective, way. Admittedly, we can’t help ourselves, and even though the number of offerings was small it made sense as the collection could be called the very definition of restraint.

Black narrow fitting suiting with cropped pants were shown alongside flashes of army green, in a jacket with epaulettes and cargo pants. A leather short-sleeved shirt that zipped up the front made a cameo that is at the top of our lists.

Was this Jacobs’ way of getting back to the basics? “Restraint” and “effective” are our words to live by once again.

S/S 2011 Menswear Collection Report: Yves Saint Laurent

By Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Yves Saint Laurent
Designer: Stefani Pilati
Season: Spring/Summer 2011 


Stefano Pilati’s spring collection for Yves Saint Laurent had a feminine spirit to it that will fulfill the desires of the chicest young men, if they can afford it. Pilati seemed to have an obsession with the waist, but this was a healthy obsession you won’t read about in trash mags. Collared shirts, one with a printed panel in the front, had large bands similar to cummerbunds around the midriff, at times in a leopard print. In one instance, a leopard band emerged from underneath a collared shirt that cropped. These bands made their way onto long single-breasted jackets when they weren’t belted. A sleeveless jacket was belted and had a ruthlessly masculine feeling, which flowed seamlessly with the femininity throughout. Dotted prints and high waisted pleated shorts were memorable and helped to cement this collection as one of the strongest of the season. It takes a certain level of know-how to design these clothes, which Pilati has in spades, but also an equally clever attitude to wear them. That Stefano Pilati, he’s one clever guy.


S/S 2011 Menswear Collection Report: D&G

By Michael Kowalinski

Collection: D&G
Designers: Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana
Season: Spring/Summer 2011


Having just opened an exhibition celebrating twenty years of menswear, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce may be thinking of a mini vacation, or at the very least a few hours at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills. They are so hardworking they probably won’t, though their Spring collection for their secondary line, D&G, suggested their customer might. Green, red and black check collared shirts, shorts and sweaters were everywhere, followed by floral print shorts. A Hawaiian print and tanks paired with loose fitting khakis followed with the same easy, breezy feeling. A part of the show favored lighter and darker blues, in solid colors or in a print that looked as though it had been found underwater. As for the suits, they were loose or double-breasted in light blues, green, pink, and cream. A few of the looks featured sweaters draped around the neck, and perhaps this look could sum up the luxe message of the show. If the D&G label is representative of the good life, then it was on full display here.


S/S 2011 Menswear Collection Report: Givenchy

By: Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Givenchy
Designer: Riccardo Tisci
Season: Spring/Summer 2011

We would love to see Riccardo Tisci’s dental bills, as his fascination with vampire and goth-like looks have garnered him a following that is unparalleled.  This time, it was a fascination with another fanged creature – the leopard – that propelled his spring collection for Givenchy. It began with black suits with a leopard – like print and moved, at times, towards something soft and demure, as in a white lace collared shirt. Shorts with panels in the front that gave them the look of skirts were paired with waistcoats, jackets and oversized shirts in white, black and leopard. When black leather pants with a creamy beige shirt that had leopard sleeves emerging from underneath, we knew we were in the right place. It had the quintessential Riccardo Tisci vibe; new with a sense of history and, oh, some serious sex appeal. Shorts, pants and jackets in leopard print led the way towards a full suit in the print. These were wearable clothes that any chic, progressive man could incorporate into their wardrobes, and that factor is important, now more than ever.

Haute Couture Runway Report: Givenchy Fall Winter 10/11

By: Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Givenchy
Season: Haute Couture Givenchy Fall Winter 10/11
Designer: Riccardo Tisci

Riccardo Tisci’s revitalization of Haute Couture at the house of Givenchy is not unlike the mood of Yves Saint Laurent’s 70s Paris, when fashion morphed from something sober and perhaps predictable into something freer and less obvious. It was a moment when fashion could be what it wanted and Tisci has done the same with Couture for this generation. The collection was shown in an intimate presentation, and this was entirely appropriate and right as one needed to be close to the clothes to fully see and understand the detail of the embroideries.

They say that the devil is in the details, and if that is true, then perhaps the collection had a touch of evil in the intense details on offer. Really, though, it couldn’t, looking at the white, at times lace, floor length dresses and jackets. One of these jackets featured clusters of pearls and crystals on the back that were, if not angelic, strikingly modern and stunning. Indeed, the collection featured a light palette, with the exception of one dress and patchwork leather coat. Ostrich feathers graduated towards the floor in the first look, but the furs were perhaps one of the standouts. They were bleached, giving them the look of hair and adorned a jacket and swept the floor on a floor length sheer (a dominant feature of the collection) dress that played peek-a-boo. One of these jackets featured the fur precision cut to look like a spine. Was this a reference to Tisci’s fascination with the gothic? Perhaps, but it was subtle enough to demand a standing ovation. Oh, let’s be frank. The whole collection demanded one.

Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional in San Francisco

By Katrina Robinson

Thank goodness there’s a place in California that finally realizes that the homosexual marriage ban in unconstitutional.

On Wednesday, August 4, Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker overturned proposition 8. This ruling could lead to further investigation in the U.S. Supreme Court as to whether or not the proposition is constitutional.

Judge Walker wrote in his 136-page opinion, “Proposition 8 singles out gays and lesbians and legitimates their unequal treatment. Proposition 8 perpetuates the stereotype that gays and lesbians are incapable of forming long-term loving relationships and that gays and lesbians are not good parents.”

But don’t get too excited. The judge wants to decide whether his ruling should be suspended while those who want to can pursue an appeal. Both sides of the argument are to submit written statements by Friday.

Since the ruling has been announced, celebrations have erupted throughout the country. I, for one, heard about the good news through Facebook—looks like social networking actually does come in handy once in a while!

Haute Couture Runway Report: Christian Dior Fall Winter 10/11

By: Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Christian Dior
Season: Haute Couture Fall Winter  10/11
Designer: John Galliano

Was it perhaps a coincidence that John Galliano’s collection for the house of Dior featured tulip shaped skirts in a show setting that featured oversized flowers? Of course not, and they were delicious. Stephen Jones designed the plastic wrap head dresses, designed to look like the plastic wrap one associates with fresh flowers. Indeed, Galliano approached the idea of a woman living inside a flower, quite literally. This is the world he gives us every season, a world where we are free to fuel our dreams and to lose ourselves in fantasy. If life can be a playground (and it certainly can be in the decadent world of Haute Couture) then Mr. Galliano is the leader.

Flower petals could be seen as embroideries on coats and jackets, trims or adorning the new tulip shaped skirts. The color combinations were perhaps the most intense we have seen in womenswear for a while. Pinks and oranges danced with exotic greens and blues, among other tantalizing concoctions. A ruffled dress had the look of a photograph, but one of the strengths of the show was in the fact that Galliano stayed away from the expected frou frou that one might have expected for such a delicate theme. He approached it with his larger than life love and zest for extreme beauty. Then again, doesn’t he always?

Haute Couture Runway Report: Valentino Fall Winter 10/11

By: Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Valentino
Season:  Haute Couture Fall Winter 10/11
Designer: Maria Grazia, Pier Paolo Piccioli

” I didn’t have dough handed to me because of my good cheekbones, I had to earn it”, said the character Neely O’ Hara in 1967’s Valley of the Dolls. Indeed, the same could be said of Maria Grazia and Pier Paolo Piccioli and their fall collection. While critics were at first skeptical of their efforts at the house, they have shown how fresh their voices are in the world of Haute Couture. They played with transparency in blouses, baby doll dresses and collars in an array of black, white and pink. A white baby doll dress had tiers of white fringe and seemed to epitomize the youthfulness of the show and the happy marriage that is possible between the old and the new. One short dress had a large oversized flower on the front and was the sort of piece you would wear every day were your life reminiscent of the chic, fun loving girls of the 60s and today. A structured jacket with a short skirt in a powdery pink featured bows running down the sides that seemingly held the sleeves together. Indeed, these could be found on a trapeze coat near the beginning of the show. Was this their way of commenting on the fragility of youth and, indeed, couture?

It was as feminine as can be, but had strength in its anonymity, save for the Valentino red that made an appearance in the evening wear. These were impeccable clothes but the truth is that one would need a magnifying glass to see and understand the craftsmanship that lay in the details. These were the kind of clothes little girls and mature young women dream about. While one can think of Grazia and Piccioli as brave, they are doing what Haute Couture needs now more than ever. There must be more to it than a price tag and status. Youth is paramount in this world as well. Young women may not be satisfied looking through their mothers’ archives. They want the new, the now and, yes, the exclusive. Isn’t that always the way?

Haute Couture Runway Report: Chanel Fall/Winter 10/11

By Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Chanel
Season: Haute Couture Fall/Winter 10/11
Designer: Karl Lagerfeld

For fall, Karl Lagerfeld has toned down his obsession with fur but maintained his love of luxury. It was the quintessential Chanel show, in all its splendor, and any woman of any age would delight in Lagerfeld’s ageless and warm offerings. It was an exercise in proportions. There were cropped jackets as far as the eye could see, at times worn over long sleeved blouses or with a dress that extended just below the knee, the new hemline for fall. When fur did make a cameo appearance, it did so in a trim on a tweed jacket with puffy sleeves. Indeed, the puffy sleeves continued on belted coats and jackets throughout the show. Transparency played a role in this play of grand proportions, often in sheer overlays over dresses. The short embroidered dresses felt powerful and were perhaps the standouts of the show due to the light and fresh feeling that one couldn’t help but feel when looking at them. If the hemlines seemed conservative, it helped to introduce the military feeling throughout the collection, as in a blood red dress that was pinned at the shoulder with a large brooch. A floral theme, too, appeared both subtly on cropped tops and in an oversized trim on a gold dress. Yes, the color palette of reds, blues, golds and brown that were interspersed with camel or white felt as precise as the many ideas presented in the show. It seems Mr. Lagerfeld has a lot to say, and we could listen on and on and on.

OBVIOUS Magazine Presents “What’s Next”

By Melvin Browne
Photos By Mia Monee Photography

NYC 7.30.10. Friday Evening Gady, Inc., Elay Group and The Hudson Terrace hosted OBVIOUS Magazine’s “What’s Next” event. Which recognized 12 talented individual’s and re-launched the Obvious Mag Website.

Most would agree that one major obstacle in the industry is gaining recognition. Jerris Madison [Obvious Magazine’s Publisher & Creative Director] hand selected each honoree based on their artistic talents and individual contributions to their respected industries.

The “What’s Next” Event honored the following 12 emerging talents… Wardrobe Stylist Douglas Hickmann Jr., Photographer Itaysha Jordan, Recording Artist Galaxy of Tar, Designer Michael Cuff, Athlete DeMarco Majors, Recording Artist Christine, Designers Sachika Twins, RED Models Shawn Sutton & Salieu Jalloh, Recording Artist Chris Santiago, Artist Rodney White, Designer Gwen Beloti, and Photographer Jason Obrotka.

Congratulations to all that were honored and OBVIOUS Magazine.

NYC PrideFest 2010


The March

The March began as an annual civil rights demonstration beginning the year after the Stonewall Riots in 1970. Over the years its purpose has broadened to include recognition of the fight against AIDS and to remember those we have lost to the illness, violence and neglect. It has also evolved to include being a celebration of our lives and our community.

Sunday, June 27, 2010  –  12:00PM – 5:00PM
Step-Off @ Noon | Formation Area/Step-Off @ 36th & 5th
March Route Map

This event is free and open to the public. No tickets are necessary.


The PrideFest

PrideFest is the annual LGBT street fair. PrideFest seeks to bring together local residents and families, community leaders, and area business owners to celebrate in the street. Additionally, we expect to attract thousands of out-of-state visitors and volunteers. This will be the 18th annual PrideFest event. We will continue to combine vendors, entertainers, and community activities for a day of fun celebration of LGBT Pride in the name of equality.

Sunday, June 27th, 2010  –   11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Hudson St. between Abingdon Sq. & West 14th St.
Festival Map

This event is free and open to the public. No tickets are necessary.


The Dance On the Pier 24

The Dance on the Pier was born out of a time when LGBT persons could not dance openly and proudly together. It is a protest set to music, a celebration set to the western skyline and a reminder of how far we’ve come.

All proceeds from the Dance on the Pier benefit New York City’s LGBT Pride Week events and community organizations.


Pier 54, 13th St @ the West Side Highway – Hudson River Park
Sunday, June 27th, 2010, 4:00 – 10:30 PM, Fireworks

Opening DJ: Steven Oliveri
Closing DJ’s: Freemasons (Loaded UK)

Tickets NOW Available:
May 1- 31 – $50, June 1-26 $75, Door $100, VIP Passes $150

Village Apothecary – 346 Bleeker St. – 212-807-7566
Wear Me Out – 353 West 47th St.- 212-333-3047
Steel Gym – 146 West 23rd St. – 212-352-9876
Mark Nelson – 237 West 20th St. –
Box Office Tickets – – 800-494-8497



Happy Gay Pride from HomoCouture!!!