Gay Relations: Are “3somes” Healthy?

By Jon Puché


This question has plagued gay relationships for some time now and honestly, there is no real RIGHT answer. I feel that there could only be an opinion given on this subject and in my opinion I believe that threesomes are for a particular type of sexual associate and are not conducive to a long lasting, prosperous relationship. There are many factors that come into play when deciding to partake in that type of sexual activity and when selecting that extra individual.

Take heed Gurls,

“When you open that door, you leave yourself vulnerable to whatever that walks through it and the only person you could blame for any type of consequence is yourself.”

I have only witnessed relationships get damaged or destroyed behind threesomes and in my personal experience I find that usually it’s because both partners are not on the same page. Some partners only participate to please the other. It’s never a unanimous decision to bring someone extra into your bedroom unless the relationship or the sex sucks. No Shade, if either of these two are reasons as to why you want a threesome, I would advise you to end the relationship. Know that nothing you do could change the context of your relationship and that includes doing something you don’t want to do. Trust me when I tell you, “It NEVER stops for someone in the relationship”. The threesome becomes a twosome and it usually doesn’t include YOU.

I don’t not condone that type of behavior.

Having a threesome just gives you permission to cheat on your boyfriend in front of your boyfriend. POINT BLANK PERIOD! There is no real moral reason for anyone in a relationship to feel comfortable enough to introduce another into that relationship unless they want to cheat. I think it’s disrespectful and a deal breaker and any man that ask his boyfriend for a threesome should be released from his position immediately. I say this because there is a huge misconception as to who should actually be aloud to participate in that type of sexual entertainment. There is a major difference between being single and having sexual relations with 1 or more persons at the same time and being in a relationship and adding another to you all’s sex life. “Think about that”.

For you guys that have subjected yourself to that type of sexual behavior, “Get a back bone and leave”. There is nothing you can tell yourself to convince yourself that this is normal or acceptable and for those of you thinking about asking your man to have a threesome, good luck.  Be careful of opening that door, the next man might be his best man!

How soon is too soon?

By Jon Puché

gay-coupleThis is definitely a question we all have to take into consideration. We meet a guy and he’s everything we need in a man. He’s attentive, passionate, mature and attractive. He makes us feel as though we could break down every barrier and place total control in his hands. We get comfortable and begin to share some of our most inner secrets, things we wouldn’t dare share with others, and we forget to censor ourselves. We subconsciously believe that keeping information and experiences about ourselves to ourselves is the wrong thing to do. The infatuation takes over and even though your intentions are genuine and true, his may not.

So how soon is too soon? I say it depends on the experience you are trying to provide for this man. Sex, although very intimate, isn’t as personal as personal/private information. Sex comes with the territory in some situations, especially in this lifestyle, but if it’s a relationship you are after I would advise you to not give it up on the first night. But if its information they seek, be cautious. Some people start out with every intention on keeping your information to themselves but somehow something you shared with them gets out. “We all have had it happen to us and wished we didn’t share those intimate/delicate details”. Be comfortable in knowing that withholding the goods (whether its information or sex) will work out for you in the long run. Honestly, I am a firm believer that there are some things that ought not to be discussed.

“Some things, like your past relationships, aren’t their business”, and should remain in your past. I find with a lot of my good girlfriends, that as soon as the past is brought up the relationship goes sour. It could be a number of reasons as to why the relationship stopped and it could be on either side of the relationship. It could be the number of past relationships you had, who your ex’s are, the type of guy, the reason as to why y’all broke up, etc… So NO, don’t share that information and encourage him not to either. It’s not important and if he cares for you or vice versa, it should not matter any way.

Be mindful in the type of experiences you give to the next man. Not every man is boyfriend potential therefore do not deserve that type of treatment. Know when to share certain things be it sex and or information and understand that it makes you more vulnerable should you decide to share too soon.

When it comes to this type of situation there is no one true answer, there is no right or wrong, there is only opinion. I can’t tell you how to determine whether it’s the right time, I can only help you protect yourself until you all feel that time has come.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go

By Jon Puché 


Relationships are supposed to be a beautiful thing. They could either go really RIGHT or really WRONG. A great relationship could blossom into an amazing union or even a corrupt relationship… well you get my drift.

Despite our own personal situations, I think we could all agree that relationships start out on a good foot. You go on dates, he treats you well, he buys you gifts, you all vibe really nicely and it seems like things are going exactly the way they should. Further down the road, something happens and you begin to question. You question your judgment and the relationship. You begin to wonder if you or your present predicament means anything to him.

Truth be told, the guy becomes a total douche bag.

He gets obnoxiously comfortable and begins to show his true character and you just don’t understand why you never noticed this side of him before you made it official. He begins to show no interest in the relationship and it puzzles you. His lack of concern for you and your feelings becomes overwhelmingly obvious and you ask yourself, “Has he done enough in this relationship to make me stay or should I leave?”

In my opinion, YES. You should leave and here is why.

First of all, if you have ever had to question whether you should leave the relationship then that is enough reason for you to leave. “You should never be in a relationship questioning the relationship”. A relationship should be a mutual agreement between yourself and your partner that if anything becomes a situation or makes either you feel some type of way, that you all have the right to address it without judgment.

A one sided relationship is not a relationship at all. You should be able to communicate your feelings without feeling persecuted for them. Real shit, there are men out there that have no intention on being the man you need them to be and they are just fine with that and sex is typically their motivation. They enter in these types of long-term relationships without ever intending to put in the work to keep it fresh. They cheat, they lie, they hurt you and you are always to blame, that’s no way to live especially in a relationship.

Seeking sexual or mental stimulation outside of your relationship, lying to your partner or any other type of betrayal is totally unacceptable and should not be tolerated. I find that guys who entertain these types of relationships where they are continuously getting the “shitty” end of the stick usually do so because of convenience. They spend a lot of their relationship suspecting that their partner is cheating or lying but don’t have the nerve to address it and that usually because they don’t want to be alone. Some people like the idea of a relationship so much that they would sacrifice their own happiness just to be in one.

Let’s make one thing clear, “If you suspect he’s cheating or lying then he’s cheating AND lying”. End of story!

A relationship is defined by the personal and moral values of each individual cohesively merging together and creating an unbreakable bond. That bond is held together, for however long, with trust. “If you cannot trust your man to be your man then why keep him as your man”. Don’t accept mediocrity because it doesn’t work in your favor, your usually the one who gets hurt in the end and it’s not only because of something he did or how he made you feel but it’s also because you settled.

TOP Model Tyson Ballou Covers Details

By Melvin Browne

41_tyson-ballou-emily-didonato-details-september-2013DETAILS selected Top Male Model Tyson Ballou to cover their 2013 Fashion Issue. Noting simplicity, fall essentials, and ‘how to’ pieces to achieve bold statements. As simple as the cover story is, I feel it reinforces a certain masculinity and confidence back into menswear and lifestyle. More of a ‘back to basics’ when guys paired basic jackets and simple everyday staples,  that goes with any and everything. Ballou paired with female model Emily DiDonato delivers a low-key cover for September 2013 and with Fashion Week in the air, a little simplicity is in need. Get into the September Issue of Details for some of the latest fall essentials and menswear trends.





Cuffing Season is Here!

By Jon Puché


OK guys so sultry summer is ending and “Cuffing” Season is in full bloom. Cuffing season… my favorite time of year, is the time when you can actually have your cake and eat it too. Just like love, cuffing is totally defined by the individual. You could cuff with one partner or a few. You could set guidelines or go with flow. You could get personal or be totally closed off. It all depends on your level of comfort and your ultimate goal. It’s a period within the year when you can enjoy all the gifts and wonders of a relationship and not have to actually be in a relationship. Cuffing, if done properly, could and should lead you and your “friend” down the road to a long term committed union. It may be a time for pleasurable enjoyment and comfortable relaxation; however it could also be a period of complete disappointment. You could end up in a very messy situation, and we all could do without that added drama. So listen up, I’m going to advise you on how to have a successful cuffing season.

For those of you who are in a full time, committed relationship this aren’t for you but for those of you, like myself who are single, enjoy this time in your life and take notes.

1. It’s all in how you select your cuffing partner/s. You should not enter this type of friendship under false pretenses. If ultimately you want a relationship then you should definitely state that from the beginning. Your partner may not be interested in the same. Find someone who is on the same page as you.

2. Be open to different types of guys. If everyone is the same and has the same characteristics, you deprive yourself of new experiences. How are you able to know what you’re really in to? “He doesn’t have to be husband material but he must have husband potential”.

3. You should always be on point when with your partner. He isn’t your boyfriend or husband so you owe him a spectacular presentation. If you’re spending a quiet cozy evening in the house, you better be dressed. “If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready”.

4. Its 2013 and we don’t live the still lifestyle of heterosexual people our age, so with that being said; provide him with the ultimate experience. He should always have a need and a desire to come back for seconds.

5. Be honest. Honesty goes a long way in any relationship. If there ever becomes a point where you are not feeling how things are going or you suddenly have become disinterested in this person, SPEAK UP. Don’t settle for the bullshit.

6. Know when to get personal. Some information is not for everyone. Overkill is usually a turn off unless the man is nosy and has nothing interesting going on in his own life. You never know where this could potentially go and you don’t want to put anything out there that you don’t want anyone else to know.

7. Allow him to take charge every once in a while. Do what he likes. “Let the man feel like a man”.

8. Take your time! You don’t have to rush anything and trust me, “A man who takes his time always does EVERYTHING right”. Lol, move at a steady pace.

9. Always know your place in this situation. Don’t feel entitled and don’t allow him to either. You both should feel comfortable but not overbearing.

And last but not least

10. Have fun! Your young and now is your time to enjoy life and what it has to offer. Some of us take life entirely too serious and we forget to just enjoy the moments.

HUNNY, you cannot go wrong with these 10 steps but if all else fails and the circumstances become unbearable, being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. (Wink)

Renovation: From the Counters to the Floor

By Thomas-Mychael

tumblr_msesa59rSo1s0c6uwo1_1280It was the end of the summer, a rainy day to be exact and I spent my evening re-arranging my newly renovated apartment. A new beginning in a new apartment in a whole new area, the thought of it all brought on a breathtaking happiness. However my mind wondered into the dirty thoughts of my first sexual experience in my new apartment. I then snatched my cell phone from my new granite counter-top and scrolled down to text a dude that I met at the club the previous night. We quickly addressed all formalities that ranged from: top or bottom, dick size and the exchange of X-rated bathroom pics.

After the cool conversation I sat anxiously, waiting for my apartments final touches which was completed by my sexual renovation. When my hookup finally arrived he stood at 6’1 with slight facial hair, and the tools to complete the job. No blue print needed here. “I thought to myself, tonight will be my dick craving night, because after this long renovation I definitely needed it. I’ve been craving a thick dick to bang my walls down and fill my new room to capacity.” 

He entered my apartment dripping wet, completely drenched from the rain. I immediately thought to myself “not on my floors!” Without any hesitation he took his clothes off and grabbed me up with a firm hug. He whispered in my ear saying “don’t be shy”. So I dropped my inhibitions and plunged to my knees. As I licked and sucked deeply, I felt his manhood growing down my throat. I heard his moans and then felt his hand firmly on the back of my head. Everything in me yearned for more, craved more, desired more. It was pure ecstasy!

The next thing I knew he positioned me to the kitchen counter. I climbed on top of the counter and gave him a mouthful. In doggy style, I felt his tongue penetrate my hole. He probed my man-hole as he parted my cheeks to dig deeper. He ate my hole as if it was his first meal of the day. Then the unimaginable happened, he turned me on my back and without reluctance slid deep inside me! With every firm pound, I moaned and he groaned. He whispered in my ear, “Take daddies dick” and on command my hole seemed to open up and take more.

His strokes took me to the point of no return, I was reaching the climax. The next deep thrust sent my legs quivering over his shoulders, a bead of his sweat fell on my face and I creamed all over my stomach. My glue like substance sticking us together, I tilted my head back and hear him say, “I’m not done with you, daddy wants more!”

We moved from the kitchen counter to the kitchen floor. I fix myself in doggy style with my back arched, his firm grip on my shoulders and his manhood sliding deep in me. Right before he cums, he slides out, rips the condom off and shoots all over my back. After lying on the kitchen floor for a while we got up and with the same firm hug we vowed to meet again. He grabbed his drying clothes from over the door and headed out like a thief in the night.

The next morning I sat waiting for the maintenance man, “to reconnect my plumbing”. And to my surprise, it was my 6’1 Daddy. He stood in my doorway with a smile. What a Renovation… here we go again!

What is Love?

By Jon Puché


It’s our natural instinct as humans to need and want LOVE. The undeniable desire to be loved motivates us to seek companionship; however most do not know how to go about attaining it. We go through all the right motions but in the end something always stands in our way. Friends, family, work, past relationships, personal issues etc. We allow these entities to manipulate our feelings about love and those we choose to share it with. However the only person we have to blame in these types of situations is OURSELVES. As adults we all know what we want but we pretend to not know.  We know what attracts us to that special someone, but many of us are prone to feeling defeated by love. I believe it’s the process of LIFE that our definition of love is tainted during our attempts at finding true love.

In the midst of finding love we lose sight of our main objectives, which is to love and to be loved but we place focus on the wrong things. Instead we focus on his looks, which could play a major part in selecting our partners but often we find that he’s internally unattractive. We focus on his financial status, which ultimately adds to the stability of the relationship, but in turn becomes the foundation that ultimately crumbles. We focus on our own insecurities and bash his past so that we never allow him to see the real us, actually building a wall instead of a relationship. All of these vain efforts eventually contribute to our inability to be loved.

IT doesn’t have to be this way, it could work. I’m going to give you two tips that I think could help you in making love something tangible instead of something we see on the green screens of Hollywood.

First, define love for yourself. Never take advice that could change your personal definition. Love advice should only enhance what you already know. It should act as an addition to your meaning. And I say this because someone else’s definition is specifically curtailed to their specific needs, wants and experiences. When your love is defined, real love will manifest.

Secondly, (and I find this to be the most simple of the two but the most profound) Learn to deal with your insecurities or shut them down. Please note that NO other person can help you deal with your insecurities, it’s totally internal. Listen hunny, no man can make you feel anything special for any quality or flaw within yourself without you first acknowledging them and accepting them. It is crucial that you identify with the love for yourself because it’s the only way you can successfully incorporate love from another person.

These two steps will put you in such a positive head space that in turn love would find you. Love never comes to those who go searching for it, it should never be the reason you do or say something. It should never be the reason you decide to make any type of choice in life whether it’s personal or professional. Love is love and that is only defined by you.

Accept Rejection

By Jon Puché


Let’s face it…

In this lifestyle it’s hard to find a man. Whether it’s a date, a “friends w/ benefits” or a relationship, everyone is so caught up in the outer experience that we don’t give the inner experience a chance. We allow our “small minded”, materialistic, narcissistic society to dictate our wants and needs in a man. We meet a man and he says all the right things, makes us feel like we are exactly what we he wants in a partner  or at the least in a date and we get too COMFORTABLE. Our emotions rush and we come to a point where we prematurely say, “This Could Be It”, and soon after comes REJECTION.

We all have gotten rejected. Face to face, A4A, Facebook, Jack’d, Grindr etc… It’s happened to all of us at some point in our lives in some way pertaining to relationships. Some guys won’t even have the common courtesy to reject you at all; they’ll just ignore your text, won’t return your call or block your profile.

“Those are the worse!”

We conclude that this random guy is shady, malicious or just ignorant. We tell ourselves some many different things to get comfortable with the fact that some guy you exhausted so much energy getting to know happens to not be into you. You go through the motions trying to remember what it was you said or did to make this particular person not like you anymore and it befalls you because you can’t understand, for the life of you, what happened. You thought everything was sweet. You replay every moment you all shared and for some reason you come to the realization that maybe it was you, maybe you didn’t fit their criteria, and maybe you weren’t what they expected.

Uhh uh Hunny, Don’t even do it to yourself!

In this world, WE MOVE TO QUICK. We go from being strangers, to strangers getting to know each other, to strangers going on a date, to strangers having sex (for those gurlz who give it up on the first night), to strangers falling head over heels NEVER once stopping to think if this was a proper courtship to begin with. Stop getting too personal too fast; Give the guy a chance to inquire within! Come to the realization that that guy rejecting you could be a blessing in disguise. Stop trying to make some momentary man a lifetime husband. Especially if you don’t know him, and let’s face it, how well do we really know these dudes?, how well could you really get to know a person who doesn’t know themselves? A lot of times these guys don’t have it together and play the role to make us feel secure in letting our guards down and sending him those “ass shots” through the phone he begged for, “I would know because I was once that guy”. Nine times out of ten the guy let you know it wasn’t going to be what you expected from the gate so don’t blame yourself. It’s not you, it’s him! Instead, come to these conclusions; maybe you were too much for him, maybe he wasn’t ready to be what you needed in a man, maybe he knew he was full of shit, maybe he couldn’t face the fact of you demanding him to STEP THE FUCK UP, maybe he was afraid of being a man. Accept that sometimes our selection of niggaz is flawed. Granted, some you gurlz indulge in being messy and lying on these social networks, catfishing, and you truly deserve to be rejected because there is nothing worse than a liar.

At the end of the day, if he rejected you then move on. There is nothing you can do or could have done to make him decide otherwise. He knew what he was going to do from the moment he met you. I have learned that in order to circumvent disappointment, have no expectations. Accept the fact that you have been rejected and move on. You’ll see each other around or happen to cross paths on some website and he’ll just be “THAT GUY”. Understand that some dudes are not REAL; some dudes immediately turn into that dude you described in the “Interest” section of your profile and that is not your fault. So don’t internalize the next man bullshit!

Keep it moving, there is a man out there for everyone and yours could be the next dude you meet. So clear your mind, remove those texts, delete that number and ACCEPT THAT REJECTION because the next man won’t stand for your mental insecurities and you will fuck around and a miss the perfect man on that bullshit.  Real Talk, a man come a dime a dozen and it’s not for you to spend your time worrying about some lame.

PaperFrank: International Acrylic & Tattoo Artist

By Melvin Browne

PaperMaiden1HC recently attended this dope art exhibit in Brooklyn at the Aloft Sheraton Rooftop.  “The Pre Fix” exhibit featured new pieces and a live painting by PaperFrank. The Atlanta abased artist PaperFrank is a self- taught artist, graphic designer based out of Atlanta who specializes in super flat style acrylic paintings and digital work. The event was laid-back and was occupied by industry people and fans of his work. PaperFrank is an internationally known acrylic painter and professional tattoo artist. Combining illustrative and contemporary styles, he creates large acrylic paintings featuring his iconic characters and striking palette.

“I create art as an outlet for my own emotions. Through my life, I’ve learned to smile even through struggles and I play off this concept in my paintings. Painting is a way for me to express my anger in a tangible way, but I make it pleasant with my use of color. I use my two main characters, Damien and Jessica, to depict certain moments throughout my life. Each of my paintings has a story that’s personally relevant to my own experience, but I like my viewers to bring their own experiences and create their own stories while viewing my works.”

I personally fell in love with the colors and the characters in his work, hence the reason I covered the event to give you guys the heads up! Below are photos from the event and images of some of PaperFrank’s work. Definitely Check out his Official Website/Shop and Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for future Exhibits and Updates. I can’t wait to get my first piece! Enjoy!








Online Profile Protocols

By Thomas-Mychael


So we all have been on the sites and dating apps A4A, BGC, Grindr and Jack’d.  Although the primary reason for these sites are for sexual interactions, I’m a firm believer that personal results are what you make of them. They can be social media outlets, a way to connect and make new friends or even a place to find your soul mate. Whatever your reason for trolling these sites, there are a few fundamental protocols that everyone should implement.

There are numerous reasons as to why one would not get any action online and it is because they don’t cover all the basics. We all have come across a profile with no picture, or a disrespectful message, bitter about ME’s etc.

Up-to-date Pictures/Stats

First impressions are everything and your photos are what dictate the appeal of your profile. It’s nothing more deceiving than meeting someone that doesn’t look like their picture. #catfish. We are all on other social media networks and have some kind of device to take an updated picture. So do it! #keepitcurrent.

Quick note on Stats: This covers age, weight, sexual position, status and penis size. Don’t lie! You will get caught and you will find yourself in compromising positions that will not result in busting a nut.

Profile Message

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Your message is a brief description of who you are and what you are seeking online. It doesn’t have to be a full autobiography. However, it should be able to give prospects the individual substance of who you are. Filling this section with a lot of negativity and nothingness, will get you nowhere besides an empty inbox and a lot of blocks.  Even leaving this section blank can be viewed as stand-offish.


Have something to talk about! Whether you’re just going to be a nut, be direct and state that. One worded messages or answers like “horny”,“wassup” or “chillin” are dead end responses. If the person is that simple to not be able to say anything, 9 out of 10 they are a dumb (insert curse word here) and is not worth the time of day.

These are basics, however there are always individuals online expecting more then they give out. Change your approach and you will reap more benefits. Whether it’s a hookup, friendship or potential love, there should always be a level of clarity and truth to successfully navigating these sites/apps.

Take Care!

Don’t Lose Yourself for Him

By Jon Puché

lose yaself

How many times have we jumped through hoops or done beyond what was necessary to please the man we love, or at least thought we loved. We do things for our lovers, or the guy we loved at that time, we would never do for another individual and come up with the same sorry ass rationale to make ourselves believe it’s truly worth it.  We let them lie, cheat, steal, lie some more, cheat some more, emotionally disrespect us and for some of us, even physically hurt us. The sad thing is, some of us actually believe that in order to get and keep a man we have to somehow alter ourselves and diminish our moral values to hold his interest. Some would rather please the next by satisfying their guys ego or by servicing his growing bulge in those true religion jeans he wears before even acknowledging their own need to be pleased.

And when I say pleased I don’t mean just sexually.

“Some of us don’t have problems in the bedroom,” but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems. For those of us who seem content with our bedroom romps, “Good for you” but they usually are the ones that have other problems outside of the physical. For example, you have those who feel that giving a man money or buying him gifts would and should keep him around or at the very least keep him interested and we say stupid shit like, “I wanted him to have it”, or “if I got it you got it,” to make us feel better.

BITCH please! When’s the last time he wanted you to have something? or better yet, when has anything of his became yawl’s? What about those guys that you meet, your instantly attracted to, y’all date a while, y’all have sex and you find out that he has a girlfriend or another boyfriend that he fucks on a regular basis when he’s not with you and you know it and you still allow him come “drop it off in your drawls”. That type of guy doesn’t deserve you.

Girl, get it together. That wasn’t even OK when we were teenagers but we didn’t know any better so we allowed it but from one grown ass man to the next, “That’s not cute booboo”. If he can’t fully accept and respect himself or that fish or the next queen, what makes you think he can accept and respect you.

People tend to show you who they really are at the very beginning but because we are blinded by the sheer lust over the present circumstances provided, we ignore those signs and chuck it up to the “game” or confuse yourself by believing that misinterpreted the sign. No hunny, you read him right.

If you’ve ever done something for a man, or anyone for that matter, and immediately after had second thoughts about it and almost wished you didn’t do it, that’s when you know you have lost yourself. That’s when you know you have forgotten the main objective which is and always should be YOU. Now there is a deference in being selfish and making yourself a priority and I will admit that the line used to separate the two is very fine but its manageability is walk-able and the key to having a successful relationship whether it’s for the moment or the long haul is being able to make a distinction of the two. You should not have to “LOSE YOURSELF” to make the next man happy. Your being happy should be the only reason he’s happy. A man inclined with who he is and what he wants wouldn’t let you choose to lose your inhibitions, he would help you garner them and make them profitable for the both of you mentally and physically.

There are a lot of frauds out there and the live off those who allow them to live through them. You shouldn’t be losing yourself for some guy. You should be losing your insecurities and losing your childlike mentality not who you are. After all, that’s the best thing about you.

Slippery When Wet!

By Thomas-Mychael

Wet_Platinum_Premium_Personal_Lubricant_570How often do you find yourself in one of those heated debates, where giving personal testimony usually seals the deal? Well I know I have! When it comes to SEX everyone swears they know all the tips and tricks. Now we all have our preferences when it comes to lubrication. However, Wet Platinum Premium Lubrication is by far the best lube out there. Or, the best I’ve used, and trust me I’ve come across my share of different brands of lube.  If slippery when wet is what you’re going for, then this is where it’s at. From personal alone time to sexual intercourse, this lube has you covered. It comes in varying bottle sizes, some small to have on the go and others made for the bed side for quick application.

The reason for all the fuss over Wet Platinum Premium Lube is its silicone based components. Silicone based lubes have a thinner texture and doesn’t get sticky. So that annoying break to reapply isn’t needed as it would with other lubes. In a nutshell it makes having sex slicker and more pleasurable. If you have an adventurous sex life, having sex in the shower, or any type of wet environment, still cases NO issue. I look at it as you’re whenever, whatever type of lube! Its latex friendly so applying to a condom makes sex safe as well as fun and enjoyable. If you don’t take my word for it here is what Wet Platinum has to say.

“Wet Platinum Premium Lube is guaranteed never sticky and is our longest lasting personal lubrication formula. It does not break down in water so try it in the bath, shower, or spa. The silky smooth 100% silicone formula is latex friendly and doctor recommended”.

wet_platinum-240x240Why else would it be called premium? So if my personal recommendation has not convinced you on this sex-life changing lube. Then head down to your nearest adult shop pick you up a bottle and give this premium silicone lube a shot yourself. Don’t knock it until you try it! Trust me when you orgasm you won’t regret it.