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In the media, homosexuals are portrayed as being either flamboyant, sexual or unhealthy men. Therefore creating a stereotype that is hated through the mass media and entertainment industry by individuals who are not educated on the homosexual lifestyle. It is clear that the media has placed a negative interpretation of what they consider a “realistic” perspective of the homosexual culture. Due to the fact that homosexuals continue to fight for equality each and every day, it is crucial to progress and contribute to the positive impact of these individuals that the media chooses to ignore. As advocates and contributors of the gay community, we have the power to represent our truth of what it means to be homosexual. That’s through positive, empowering and informative media outlets.

HomoCouture is an online magazine and platform that provides a free national guide that functions as a media outlet to promote social growth and empowerment for men between the ages of 18-35 within the gay community. As a free worldwide guide, HomoCouture promotes equality, HIV/AIDS awareness, individual growth, pride in the community and social acceptance within the LGBT lifestyle.

Our Mission is to effectively empower and influence the gay community by encouraging social acceptance and supporting a misunderstood lifestyle through the voice of HomoCouture. We are committed to providing a guide that focuses on positive and real life material. HomoCouture encourages individual growth, social acceptance, community pride and lead by example as one of the positive and influential media outlets. There is a demand for a voice in the media that understands and represents what it truly means to be homosexual. And that voice is HomoCouture.




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