By Stephfon Guidry

If you are in need of a great date movie, a good feeling film, or just quality eye-opening cinema then you need to catch a glimpse of The Skinny! Patrick Ian Polk, writer/director & creative genius has done it again with this fanciful film. The Advanced screening in Harlem on Wednesday took my breath away. There was not a minute wasted on any character or the messages within the film.

The Skinny gives a fresh real life look into the rollercoaster ride of love in the lives of five close-knit friends from college reuniting on a Pride weekend in NYC.  Magnus (Jussie Smollett) the main character gives you class, intellect, and so much nurturing that he is nothing but lovable. Joey has a looks that are to die for and a wit to match, but is it all just an armor hiding a hopeless romantic? Langston is a woman with beauty that all must stop and see; she’s educated, sexy and is looking for a special lady.  Sebastian (Blake Young-Fountain) is the adorable, innocent almost naïve cute friend that everyone must protect. Kyle (Anthony Burrell) draws men to him like a moth to a flame, is TRADE down, and always searching for a new conquest even when his prize might be in front his eyes.  The Skinny is a movie that you will not want to stop. Patrick Ian Polk wove the storylines, the laughter and drama as well as the realness of life’s consequences within the film there is something very universal about the film. The SkinNY saved NYC for last now go out to the West Village Quad Cinema: 1:05/3:15/5:35/7:50/10:00 located at 34 West 13th St. B/w 5th & 6th or Harlem Fire House Theater: 3:30/7:30/5:30/9:30 located at 6 Hancock Place 124th & St. Nicholas!