Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle Reunion

By Che Ereku

bgc-all-star-battle-reunionThis past Tuesday the Oxygen network wrapped up their first season of the “Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle” two-part reunion special, and with all honesty the drama could of be avoided!

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the show, “BGC All Star Battle” is the fourth spin-off show of the “Bad Girls Club,” and is a reality competition programming that stars fourteen past “Bad Girls” all living in one house for a chance to compete for $100,000 and the title of, “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.” In a nutshell, the winner of the competition was Jenn from Season 10: Atlanta.

Now that you are all caught up, let’s get down to the real “tea.” As I briefly stated at the beginning of this article, the drama that occurred at the reunion could have all been avoided if Flo just acted her age and remained “lady-like” to the best of her capabilities. Flo is a mother of a young little girl but by the way she carried herself in such a boisterous behavior, she could of fooled anyone.

There was a moment that the audience as well as the viewers at home witnessed how mentally unstable, cowardly and childish Flo can behave when the winner Jenn, was brought out onto the couch to discuss the reason why she chose to eliminate Natalie Nunn from the competition. It was so embarrassing for me to watch because Flo was definitely one of my favorites on her season, which included Natalie, but my views about Flo all changed after I saw how she conducted herself at her season’s reunion special and at the “BGC All-Star Battle Reunion.” During the episode of the “All-Star Battle,” Flo approached Jenn and told her that she was going to throw the challenge in order for Jenn to win, which will give her the power to put Natalie up for elimination and eventually send her home.

236653_1Now, this is of course a great master plan for anyone who is trying to save their behind in order to solidify their spot in the finals, but as a “bad girl” this conniving plan just made Flo look absolutely weak! Furthermore, Flo even sat there while the clip was shown and told Jenn and the audience that she had nothing to do with Natalie’s elimination and that it was basically all Jenn’s idea. Sorry Flo, but if you’re going to constantly say to America that you are the realest and the baddest one of the “Bad Girls” franchise, then you should definitely own up to your cowardly behavior of manipulation and tell your friend, Natalie, that you simply did not think she deserved the money as much as you did and that you had no choice but to throw her under the bus to save your rear-end!

In conclusion, Flo you need to seriously hang up this “Bad Girl” image that you so desperately want to portray–it’s evident that you still want people to fear you but in all reality your tantrums and antics comes off looking like “Bobo the Clown”–and THAT is a reality that you will never shake and is something that your daughter will have to live with. Remember, your reputation always precedes you!

Che’s Side Bar: Natalie Nunn Edition

For some reason I’ve noticed a difference in Natalie’s demeanor at the reunion for the “BGC All-Star Battle.” Natalie had this expression on her face like she was just exhausted from the drama that occurred in the house and now the drama reoccurring onstage at the reunion. I pondered to myself the question, is Natalie done with all this “Bad Girls Club” mess? Hmm…I hope so! It is just an observation that I felt like I needed to share with the viewers of HomoCouture.





Bad Girls, Bunnies, & Back to Fairytales

By Stephfon Guidry

Blazing up the small screen this week is more drama than ever. Classic sexiness that makes you dream of fairy tales, can’t stop thinking of the GirlNextDoor with Rabbit ears, while the Bad Girls are throwing blows, and it begs the question are there ever really happy endings?

Set in 1960’s era of sexual freedom and exploitation, Playboy’s Club stirs up controversy and good historical references for the storyline to spare. The casting is genius—including Amber Heard, Eddie Cibrian, Naturi Naughton and more! Executive Producer Chad Hodge interviewed with stating, “Naturi, who plays one of these Chocolate Bunnies and is part of this world, isn’t viewed differently from any of the other characters in the show.”  Each young lady brings flavor and a mystique to the show, veteran actress Jennifer Lewis joins the cast as a sultry seamstress—slaying the kids.  Jennifer Lewis tells about her role on the show, “It’s a dramatic role, and I am getting to represent African-American women of that time who were coming from out of the domestic world and empowering themselves, getting jobs and educating themselves.” This realistic fiction television series is sure to capture the heart and soul of Hugh Heffner’s clubs, as Hodge says, “Heff is always sort of omnipresent in the show. He’s definitely part of the world.”

From bunnies to bad girls, season seven of Bad Girls Club does not disappoint in drama, catty clashes and hijinks. It was only a week ago that Natasia swore revenge on the house until she found the culprits who were playing pranks on her—everything from bleach blunders to destroyed contacts.  With Natasia on the warpath, Angie and Tiara pieced together their broken friendship and Judi plots to get Priscilla evicted from the house.  Bubble, Bubble toil and Judi creates trouble as she mixes cold water with oatmeal then proceeds to pour the mixture in Priscilla’s bed. A hell breaks loose as the fight between the two bad girls goes from room to room around the house. Ultimately, Priscilla’s eviction causes the girls to re think their pranking spree.  A new bad girl steps in, Cheyenne, and the girls seemingly have learned nothing as more pranking ensues and small altercations amongst Shelly, Tasha, and Judi occur. Never short of drama, these bad girls stayed true to the brand as they create their own violent voodoo for viewers.

“As long as I’m around there will be no happy endings,” spits the Evil Queen, played by actress Lana Parrilla, a line that will live in infamy.  Rumplestiltskin, Snow White, Prince Charming, and Evil Queens all wrapped into a story of magic, mystery and modern times converge on ABC’s  Once Upon A Time.  Jennifer Morrison (of House) plays Anna Swan, the long-lost daughter of none other than Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) and Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin, of Big Love).  Morrison’s character is set to free all of the fairytale characters from a spell cast by the Evil Queen that left all the characters without their memories of magic. Once Upon Time is from the creative minds of Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz the guys behind Lost, gear up at 7 p.m. on Sundays to be spellbound.

HC Thirst Quencher: Benz Veal

By Melvin Browne

This week’s HC Thirst Quencher is a fairly new face. Most of you will recognize him from Oxygen’s Season 2 of “Love Games”; where 15 guys competed for the love of 3 Bad Girls. Benz Veal definitely makes it on our list of the SEXIEST Men to quench your thirst!

Since “Love Games” Benz has expanded his career in the entertainment industry. He has booked several jobs hosting parties and events all over the states. He has also booked modeling gigs, some recently for New York Fashion Week. And according to his Twitter and Facebook Fan Page; Benz has recently signed a modeling contract with New York Model Management. We wish Benz much success in his future endeavors, but for now check out some of his sexy photos and workout video below…. Enjoy!

Stay connected with Benz by following him on Twitter: @IamBenzVeal

Never too Much… TV that is!

By Stephfon Guidry

Get ready to be bitten, put under a spell, be on TOP, be a bad girl, see what college has to offer and be a EXBasketballer Wife. It is time for T.V. Fall line-ups and you don’t want to be caught lacking on your Twitter timeline… #WINNING!

The CWtv Network is ready with a blazing Fall line-up, Vampire Diaries features more, blood, death and tears than Bella could ever hand under a Twilight moon. Will viewers be able to handle Stefan gone rouge leaving a bloody trail for Damon to follow. Alana will be left in Forks picking up the pieces of her life. Catch them on CW Thursdays at 8/7c!

90210 brings a new meaning to high school rivalry this season all bets are off. 90210’s fourth season features the co-eds now heading for college and newlyweds, old flames and yes a Jersey Shore hotty, Vinny has been confirmed to star in an episode ( as the cast heads to Vegas . Catch 90210 on CW Tuesdays at 8/7c!

CW and Tyra Banks bring back viewer’s choice America’s Next Top Model contestants for an All-star edition and let’s see if these girls have their walk, look, and smize together this time around. Cycle “17” will feature celebrity guests like no other, Nicki Minaj, Kathy Griffin, Kritsin Cavallari, Tyson Beckford (hubby alert) and more. Fans will get more than a Russian roulette in the house drama coming from Bianca, Bre, Alexandra, Lisa, Isis, and more. Catch the All-Stars on CW Wednesdays at 9/8c!

Simone Cowell, Paula Abdul, and L.A. Reid are on the hunt to find the next eXtraordinary talent along with Nicole Scherzinger (hosting) X-Factor. Cowell took a small jab at his cohost Abdul saying the X-Factor is “is about giving older women a second chance.” Simone seems to be giving a softer side, will L.A. Reid be throwing side eye all season we shall see if the judges find true star quality and not just another auto-tune sensation. Series Premiere: Wednesday, September 21st on FOX at 8/7c!

Viewers have been addicted to the explicit, illicit guilty pleasure of Bad Girls Club and the seventh season has not left us hanging in the Big Easy, New Orleans. Episode 7 left viewers blowing up twitter as the girls got physical; a fight left Shelly and Angelic LOCKED UP! The Next episode will leave viewers seeing double as Natasha’s contacts get messed up and Judi is ready to give the girls the boot in the BOOT (aka Louisiana). Catch BGC7 on Oxygen Mondays at 9/8c!

Basketball Wives LA: brings to the small screen a cast of very opinionated former basketball wives, sideline chicks, baby mamas or basketball boos. Basketball Wives LA set itself apart from Miami quickly with the constant stuffy rhetoric and hateful comments focused on one cast member. Draya and Jackie are the two stand outs of the chicks for me at the moment the drama ensues and gauntlets are thrown young versus old and re-re-remarried. The Fall Line-up is just beginning you don’t want to miss a moment. Catch the Wives on VH1 on Mondays at 8/7c!

How Bad Are These Girls? – Bad Girls Club Miami

By Krystle Carmona

We’re in Miami Trick…Guessing the 305 is the new Sin City baby, because it seems as though all the wild and crazy kids are flocking to the south for a little reality shine of their own. Last week it was all about The Jersey Shore, but last night the bad girls of the sunshine state owned the night with an all new premiere episode of Bad Girls Club: Miami.

These girls are flat out nuts! I mean who could top last season’s Beat Em’ Down Flo and Ms. I Run LA Natalie? Well this season of ladies gives last season girls a run for their money and it’s hard to imagine this is just the beginning.


First on the scene is Morgan as beautiful as she wants to be, cruising the majestic Miami waters. She’s dubbed the “Uber Bitch” and after you get passed her beauty, probably the minute she opens her mouth, you begin to see why. Conceit definitely runs all in this girl’s veins.


Next we meet tattoo cutie Lea, the “South Beach Rebel.” The adorable girl with an edge. There’s nothing reserved about this bad girl, but something about her, I digg, but that’s just me. However, she did have an affair with a married man while with her boyfriend. Yiiikkeess.


Danielle “The Scrapper” who I cannot stop calling “Dirty D” now thanks to Morgan, is the stereotypical Long Islander. Upon first introduction, you can already tell that Danielle wouldn’t quite make it to Morgan’s “list.”


Catya, also known as “The Elite Player” is a Philly native who is used to the finer things in life, having dated rappers and celebrities. According to her, she “probably is a gold digging hoe,” umm okay that’s cool and everything that you recognize who your are, but just a little tip my lovelies, anybody who says that about themselves, you better watch your man…or girl!


Now Brandi on the other hand, “The Sneaky Stripper” is the skinny girl who knows how to use the assets, or lack of that she was blessed with to get the money she wants…who also has a thing for the ladies by the way.


Erica, “The Trash Talking Cheerleader” and known wild child is infatuated by booze and tattoos and often gets into trouble for her blunt and abrasiveness.

While the girls get acquainted with their new Miami compound, which is ultra dope by the way and decked out with all the expected goodies, they realize that one girl is missing and decide to play a joke on her by removing and hiding all of her bedding.


Shortly after, walks in that last and final roommate, Kristen also dubbed “The Pageant Princess.” She comes from a pretty wealthy and privileged life. Immediately the girls thought Kristen was that ditzy blonde and they quickly become more than annoyed by her. Erica waists no time in voicing her feelings about her by starting an argument. The rest of the ladies are shocked when they see Kristen standing her ground, and even more so when she tosses a drink in Erica’s face.

Morgan starts complaining that she’s bored with the girls because they are according to her, ugly and wack. So instead of going out partying with her new roommates, she stays home with Catya by her side. While back at the club, the rest of the girls are pissed and embarrassed by Kristen’s drunken antics. The girl is a hot mess!

As the show progresses, so does Morgan’s complaints. She doesn’t even want to hang around the girls (except for Catya and Kristen) because she has an “image to maintain.” So she invites her Guido looking friends over for food, booze and fun. They come in like they run things and that annoys the girls. How does that old saying go, birds of a feather flock together.

Eventually, Morgan decides it’s time for her to party, so she enlists her girls for the moment (because we all know how these shows go down) Catya and Kristen to go with her, leaving out the other roommate. So, the remaining girls back at home or “the ugly girls or fake four,” as Morgan would call them take it upon themselves to pack up her belongings and put them outside, locking her out the house. This is so disrespectful on all levels, but how much can one take of the whining and complaints, I’m kind of not mad at them. Shhh

After a long night of clubbing, Catya, Kristen and a now pissed off Morgan walk up to the house greeted by umm not so nice notes on the door and all of her packed bags outside with the doors locked. Morgan starts beating the door down ferociously until they finally let her in. Brandi, who was already prepared to brawl, spraying herself down before hand so that the punches wouldn’t stick (hilariously funny hood move might I add) isn’t backing down from Morgan’s threats and they get into it. Morgan gets a smack off on Brandi and DING DING DING, we have our first fight of the season guys and dolls. It goes down, and so does Morgan as she falls down the stairs in the midst of the fight and right when it gets good, BAM, fade to black!

O EMM GEE, we cannot wait for next weeks all new episode of the Bad Girl’s Club: Miami at 9pm on Oxygen.