Mark Sanchez Covers September Issue of GQ!

By Melvin Browne

New York JETS Quarterback Mark Sanchez covered the Fall Fashion Issue of GQ Magazine. Here is an excerpt and photos from the cover story.

GQ Writers asked Jets head coach Rex Ryan if he would consider  benching Mark Sanchez. Yes, Ryan said—he would. “Rex is super honest,” Sanchez  says. “I wish he wasn’t that honest at times, especially to say that.”

Before the next practice, Sanchez was informed that Ryan wanted to give extra  reps to Sanchez’s backup and friend Mark Brunell. Ominous. Sanchez nodded like a  good soldier, but on the practice field, when Brunell walked into the huddle,  Sanchez pushed him away.  Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer approached.  He repeated that Ryan wanted Brunell to take extra reps. “I was like, ‘He can  come tell me,’ “ Sanchez says. “And [Schottenheimer] is like, ‘Come on, man,  don’t do that.'”

Eventually the crisis passed. Sanchez held his ground, kept his job, and  managed not to alienate his friend. But the episode remains something of a sore  point with Sanchez. In a locker room where everything is a laughing matter,  Sanchez hasn’t yet joked with Ryan about that almost-benching. And he doesn’t  expect to. “I wanted to fight him,” Sanchez says. “I was really mad.” Read More

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